Medical equipment and Assets management done effectively can save lives

Effective medical equipment and asset management is in high demand in today’s medical industry. In fact, the global healthcare market for asset management is expected to grow to over $29 million by 2020. The chief driving force behind this growth is a desire to increase the safety measures within the hospital industry. The health sector must also deal with an increasing number of patients every year, which means that excess costs must be removed, and staff productivity must be increased. To be able to meet all of these challenges, the health sector is turning to cloud-based software solutions for asset and equipment management.

The Benefits of Using CMMS to Track Medical Equipment

A CMMS allows a company to store vast amounts of equipment-related information, modify it, and access it as needed, from almost any device, anywhere within the range of the hospital (or in case of a cloud solution, from anywhere with an internet connection). This is a huge improvement over the traditional method of storing equipment data and documentation, which would take vast amounts of space.

This means that all hospital maintenance becomes streamlined. Whenever a new piece of equipment arrives, the hospital will receive all relevant information in electronic format, upload it to the cloud, allowing for effective management of the asset.

A CMMS can also store maintenance, repair and usage information. By simply tracking the purchasing date, the CMMS can be configured to alert staff at regular intervals, whenever a scheduled maintenance, or end of warranty, is up.

When it comes to the technicians that repair and maintain the equipment, a software solution can implement a set of custom questionnaires and checklist, which can be a convenient way to ensure that all repair/maintenance activities are done to a certain standard.

If your hospital works with subcontractors a CMMS will help you better coordinate with their team. Onboarding your teams of subcontractors unto your CMMS platform will allow you to create and schedule projects directly through the software.

Does CMMS Save Lives?

Businesses from a wide spectrum of industries benefit from CMMS every day. It is used to manage staff, equipment, invoices, remote teams, inventory, assets and pretty much everything else. CMMS means the automation of processes that would’ve been time and resource consuming in the past. It means rapid communication between stakeholders, managers and employees, and it means quick deployment of assets and staff, greater coordination and streamlined operations.

In the medical business, where the stakes are life and death, CMMS means well-maintained equipment, on-time repairs to.

Picking the Right CMMS

We believe that Eworks Manager is one of the best options on the market right now, with wide ranging features and a high degree of customizability to ensure that hospital equipment is maintained correctly and ready for use. Start your Free Trial Today.

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