Medical Equipment Maintenance Software

Medical Equipment Maintenance Software

For healthcare providers, it is so important to manage and maintain medical and healthcare equipment. Eworks Manager is the perfect medical equipment maintenance software.

Companies within the medical industry have long battled to make sure that their client’s equipment is maintained properly. Hospitals, clinics and medical companies need to constantly track maintenance schedules and equipment history. This is usually done with complicated spreadsheets and paper work.

Eworks Manager offers a full featured asset management and maintenance system. This system tracks the maintenance and life-cycle of individual pieces of medical equipment located at hospitals, clinics and private healthcare practices. Our system allows you to have serial numbers, model numbers, barcodes and receipts. You can also access to all of this with the click of a button, saving you time from searching for information.

We also get that every type of medical equipment can have hugely different schedules and requirements. We therefore allow for customisation of your Eworks system to cater for different types of medical equipment.

Additional features to our Software

With features like questionnaires and custom check sheets, we make sure that technicians perform their maintenance and repairs effectively. Our medical equipment maintenance software ensures a peace of mind for all people involved.

We also offer custom digital documents that include health and safety certificates, customer satisfaction surveys or any other essential documentation required. Your customers can complete these onsite after installation and maintenance of equipment, thus reducing office paperwork.

The trigger feature also makes sure that you never miss an appointment that takes place. Triggers can be set up for multiple actions to let you know exactly what is taking place. For example, you can receive a notification when a purchase order has been approved or a warranty has expired. We know that health-care centres can be chaotic. Automatic reminders hence make sure that you never forget an important task.

Hospitals that manage sub-contractors can use the system to stay in control of the maintenance of their equipment. As well as this, they can manage general maintenance of all hospital facilities. Use Eworks to schedule work and send it to your sub-contractor. You can then manage it from your own system to make sure that all admin is up to standard.

Our client portal also allows clients to log into the system and request work. This saves you time and money on unnecessary phone calls, emails and guessing on arrival time. Our SMS and email notifications also alert your customers when a job is created for them and when an operative is on route. This frees up your time to either get equipment working as soon as possible or to manage other more important tasks at hand.

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