Questionnaire Software

Questionnaire Software

Eworks Manager is unique to other Job Card Software companies out there because you can set up multiple Questionnaires in your system against a job. These questionnaires can then be filled out by your mobile user or customer on site or at the office!

Whether you require your customer to fill out a customer survey or need your field workers to fill out a risk assessment, you can do all of this within one system - at no extra cost!

With Our Questionnaire Software you can;

  • Set up a daily Questionnaire for your mobile workers to fill out once they log in
  • Set up a completed Questionnaire when the work is complete
  • You can also set the Questionnaires as mandatory
  • Select which job types and customers you would like the Questionnaires to appear for
  • Set up an on-site Questionnaire when your workers arrive at the job
  • Add up to 10 questions on each Questionnaire
  • Set Questionnaires as active or inactive
  • View all completed Questionnaires on a job
  • Set up a completed Questionnaire for your customer to fill out
  • Create check boxes, text boxes or multiple-choice boxes within the Questionnaires
  • Ask for a signature from the customer
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