Client Portal Software - Allow Your Customers To View Job Progress

Client Portal Software

Client Portal Software

Customers love to know what’s going on with work they are paying for and have the latest updates of the status of a job, how much it is costing them and how long it is going to take. At Eworks, not only do we work with our clients and giving them the best job management software possible in the market today, but we also like to consider the customers of our clients, and how they can get involved with Eworks.

We have a customer login section in Eworks CMMS Management Software that allows you to give access to jobs for your customers. You can send over login details to your client, where they can then head over to the client portal, sign in, and see what jobs they currently have on and what is going on with those jobs.

Also, customers can submit jobs to you via the login where you can then receive a notification where you can accept or reject the job, which will then inform the customer on the status of the job they have raised. Customers can also look back on old jobs that have been done in the past and the work that was done.

Having this transparency allows your staff members to spend less time on the phone answering questions because your customers can simply log into to their customer log in and see for themselves the status of a job and any notes that have been added for them to see, whether that be by the office staff or the operative. Your customer can also see updates live, as they happen.

Don’t worry, should you decide to give access to your customer they can only see what you want them to see, so your confidential documents and figures will be hidden and any personal information for your operatives, so mobile numbers etc, will be hidden. If you have a larger customer who is after more of a live view and you’re one of many subcontractors, we have Eworks Manager Enterprise, which is the perfect solution for them.

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