CMMS Software that makes Managing your Jobs Easy

No business can afford to be without a CMMS or Computerised Maintenance Management System today. If you are still wading through piles of pesky loose pages in lever arch files that have been submitted by service teams and suppliers, you are wasting time and losing money.

Today successful businesses revolve around efficient communication and quality service. Companies can expand and take on more work than ever before, but to stay ahead, efficient internal business communication is vital.  Each department needs to know what is currently happening, not what went down yesterday. Managers and team leaders must know exactly where equipment on order is so that they can effectively assign jobs to individual and teams. Management must also be able to track their teams to their exact location at any time.

Way back before the 1980’s when everything was done manually management had little control over anything that was not physically in front of them, but no more! Computerisation and advanced communication systems give management full control over every situation, whether it is planned and scheduled or a reactive crisis.

CMMS software drills down

Implementing a comprehensive CMMS system from Eworks means that you do not only have control over what is happening today, but you can go back to jobs that were in progress before, and you can plan ahead. You can drill down at a click to see what has previously happened on any job, what is currently happening and what resources you have available to assign.

Maintenance contracts that involve multiple visits can be pre-planned and scheduled in advance, so nothing gets overlooked. You need no longer have to rely on accurate staff diary maintenance and communication. You have control of all your staff’s diaries and work schedules, and you can review and amend any time slots in your team’s diaries that you need to. Our CMMS system also comes with alert reminders that you can set up to keep track of important KPI’s to ensure that they are met.

No matter where you are, you can track your teams in real-time. Not only does this give you control, but it also gives your teams more confidence knowing that they have support should they need it.

CMMS software takes care of admin too

And it is not only work on the field that is taken care of! The Eworks CMMS system allows you to control purchases by adding new purchase orders, approving purchase orders, marking purchase orders as paid and searching for purchase orders in real-time. Our CMMS system is easily integrated with existing software to generate reports so that you have a full overview of what you need to know in real time.

You can also use our CMMS software to manage your supplier invoices and payments, as well as you customer invoicing. In this way, nothing gets overlooked. You can keep control of your expenses and you are ensured that all work completed in billed.

Not only that, the CMMS system keeps track of all indirect expenses related to each job. Managers often overlook expenses like fuel when doing the final costing of a job. Not anymore. Our CMMS system allows you to allocate all expenses in each job right as the cost is incurred. That allows you to get the full picture of each completed job so that you can see how much of a profit (or loss) was actually made.

And it’s not only about P&L:

Our CMMS system allows your customers to log in at any time to track the progress of their jobs. That means that you don’t have to make calls to update them or employ some else to do so. Your customers can track their jobs in real-time, they will also have more trust in your services and your service teams.

You can also personalise all your correspondence by selecting invoice and quote templates from the system. And you can set up SMS messages to alert customers of due dates or appointments.  Professional communications matters to customers.

The best part of all of this is that our CMMS system allows you to go paperless. No more lever arch files! All your correspondence, documents, reports and scheduling available to you whenever you need them. All your documents are digitalised and can be attached to any job that you require. Reports, including job summaries, invoice summaries, time on job summaries, customer profitability reports, user timesheets, etc. available at a click allows you to make informed decisions anywhere at any time.

Your business cannot afford to be without a CMMS system. Contact Eworks Manager to discuss job card software in South Africa that will let you estimate, plan, manage and invoice your jobs all in one place, and start your free trial today.

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