Plumbing industry: water-saving tips to share with your customers

For years, South Africa has faced water restrictions and the threat of ‘Day Zero’ due to drought conditions, so the rising dam levels have been a welcome relief for locals. Summer rains have substantially increased dam levels in parts of the country, including Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Dam levels have started to rise, but this doesn't mean that South Africans shouldn't focus on saving water, as South Africa is still a water-scarce country. Your plumbing business can make a difference by sharing water-saving tips with customers. There are so many ways to save water, but these are some of the top ways your clients can preserve this resource.

Fix leaks and pipe connections

As a plumber, you know that the first thing customers should do is check for leaks, but this may not be their first thought when they think of ways to save water. Remind your customers to check their toilet, faucet, sink and shower for leaks, or invite them to get in touch with you if they want a professional to inspect their plumbing system.

Take shorter showers

Encourage your customers to have a shower instead of a bath. A bath uses up to 80 litres of water, but an eight-minute shower only uses roughly 60 litres of water. Share this information with your customers to get them to take short showers to save water.

Install low-flow showerheads

You can encourage your clients to install low-flow showerheads to save water. Low-flow showerheads can decrease water consumption by 40%, helping your customers save money and water. They’re affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for homeowners looking for ways to save water.

Invest in efficient household appliances

Outdated washing machines use more water than newer models, and they're not as energy efficient. One household can save up to 26 000 litres of water a year by investing in a new water-efficient washing machine. While this is a more expensive way to save water, it won't be difficult to convince your customers to do so as it could reduce their water bill and save them money in the long run.

Reuse water

Your clients can reuse water by standing in a bucket in the shower and using the water collected for their garden. They can also collect the water that runs while they’re waiting for the water to warm up. A single person can save and reuse 60 litres of water a day by simply showering with a bucket.

How to share your water-saving tips

If you're eager to share these water-saving tips with your customers, you can do so on social media or via your website. When sharing these tips, you could use the opportunity to offer a discount on your service to check leaks and pipe connections, as customers will be keen to have their plumbing system checked after reading your tips. To stay on top of your jobs while you’re marketing your services, you can use a tool like Plumbing Software to automate job scheduling, send quotes and invoices, get jobs approved on-site, and track you’re plumbers in the field.

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