Reduce Operating Expenses, Save Time and Optimise Resources with Vehicle Tracking

Have you considered getting a vehicle tracking system to monitor your fleet of vehicles? Maybe you don’t know just how cost-effective vehicle tracking is. With easy to use Eworks software, vehicle tracking is no longer just about tracking a driver’s route plan and fuel efficiency. There is also no equipment that needs to be fitted to company vehicles, and no tedious logbooks that must be submitted and reviewed. Today vehicle tracking systems are plugin and go. It’s that simple!

Integrated vehicle tracking software allows you to track and trace vehicles on the road at any time. You can also monitor individual driver behaviour, and the software stores all information. This means that you can track any driver’s history if you need to.

With accurate data at your fingertips, you can plan and implement effective time management systems and identify errant drivers with undisputable information. Vehicle tracking software has become so sophisticated that you can track vehicles and know immediately if they are on the move or stationary. Built-in map location software allows you to pinpoint any vehicle’s exact location.

Vehicle Tracking is About Improved Customer Service

Knowing where your company vehicles are at any time allows you to pre-empt delays and advise customers beforehand. You can also divert vehicles from serious traffic jams before they get stuck. Likewise, if you have a team of field technicians, you can easily divert a technician to a customer site on short notice in the event of an emergency.

Not only that, if you opt for integrated software the system works very well for reactive emergency jobs where field staff have to attend to critical customer issues without any preparation.  You can observe what is happening from any location and guide and instruct your staff through difficult processes. This eliminates delays and restricts the need to call out more senior staff if the problem is complicated.

This means that your customer service takes a giant leap forward.

Imagine how impressed your customers will be if you can give them a heads-up on potential delays, or your field staff arrive on site shortly after they report an emergency. And it’s not only about customer service! Being able to divert vehicles to more suitable routes will give you more control over fuel costs. Getting field staff that can be guided remotely to a customer’s site saves on travel costs and person-hours when senior staff need to be diverted.

Software Integration Means Greater Efficiency

Our vehicle tracking software can be integrated with our job management software. This allows you to plan and control off-site jobs within one management system. This is not only time saving, but because all data is recorded, you can access the history of past and current jobs. The result is that you have more control over planning future jobs.

Our integrated system produces a broad range of up to date reports. You can stay informed and up to date at all times. This allows you to make calculated decisions based on fact, and this will eliminate time-wasting.

Considering every vehicle in your fleet is a valued asset, being able to control driver behaviour will win you discounts on insurance. If there is a claim, reports will be able to pinpoint the vehicles exact location at the time of the accident. You don’t have to rely exclusively on the driver’s version of events, and you can provide your insurer with indisputable information. In the case of vehicle theft, the vehicle can be traced even after it has been taken from the driver. That is why all insurance companies offer a discount on fleets that are tracked by vehicle tracking systems.

Are you concerned that a driver can unplug the vehicle tracking device seeing that it is plug and go system? There is no need for concern. We have that covered; the system will instantly alert you!

If you are still not convinced that a vehicle tracking system will reduce operating expenses, save time and optimise resources, why not contact us today for a 14-day free trial? If you are convinced after the free trial, you can be up and running without signing into fixed-term contracts. We offer superior support with qualified support staff.

The Eworks vehicle tracking system will add great value to your business and improve service. We are waiting to demonstrate it to you. Contact Eworks Manager today to get started.

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