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Team Planning Software: Its Function And Importance

Staff Planning software can easily optimise your workforce. It can also reduce common headaches such as worker schedule complaints and lost paperwork.

Most managers and supervisors will argue that creating a staff schedule that suits everybody is practically impossible. Business owners and directors want to ensure that there is enough labour to handle business professionally. That being said, they also want to ensure that they aren’t overspending by scheduling too much labour to their workers.

Also, business owners and managers need to consider and balance the needs of the business against the needs of the workforce. Workers are people with real demands and, factors such as family obligations, health issues and social lives, can influence where and when they want to work. Having to balance the business needs with that of your workers can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

Fortunately, Eworks Manager’s Team Planning software makes this task a whole lot easier. Our software puts the responsibilities and challenges that business owners and managers face, into digital files. The system then creates, adapts and manages schedules automatically according to a pre-determined set of criteria.

Our Team Planning software also can be integrated into advanced forecasting tools. These tools allow you to accurately predict business volumes. It can also save businesses from unnecessary over-time, over-scheduling work and scheduling jobs to workers who are not available for that job.

Four Benefits of Team Planning Software:

  • Increases Productivity and Efficiency

    Often, managers will build in extra labour just in case of call-offs, shortages etc. Team Planning software allows managers and supervisors to avoid this unnecessary guesswork and over-scheduling of labour. By eliminating the guesswork, you can properly calculate pay slips.
  • Saves Time and Money

    Instead of your manager spending time cooped up in the office, creating manual staff schedules, he/she can spend more time on the floor, supervising. With Eworks Manager, your managers and supervisors can spend time in more important areas while our Team Planning software creates the work schedules for them.
  • Procedural Consistency

    Most small business owners have had the experience of misplacing or forgetting a time off request from one of their employees. This can result in a big problem for both the worker and the business and generally lends itself to panic. With Team Planning software, you can easily see who is available for jobs and correctly assign them.
  • Increased Access to Critical Information

    Team Planning software gives businesses more information they can use to successfully gain profitability. Schedules can be accessed online from anywhere. Workers can also easily track their time and attendance using their mobile devices. And, managers can create schedules and check shifts with user-friendly filters.
Businesses of every size and complexity can benefit from staff scheduling software. It streamlines operations and maximizes profits and labour hours.

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