What’s new in Eworks Manager? Get the lowdown on our latest releases

We recently rolled out new features to improve your experience in Eworks Manager and help you save time and get more work done (even more than before).

In this article, we've shared an overview of each feature to help you get familiar with the new tools available to you and your team.


No matter the size of your field service business, managing overtime on jobs can be an overwhelming task. Our new overtime feature makes tracking and implementing overtime in our Job Card Management System easier.
Take a look at how you can use this feature to manage your team's overtime hours and the overtime costs of jobs.
  • Set an hourly overtime rate per user to track and implement overtime successfully.
  • Set a different rate for every day of the week if your overtime rates vary.
  • View every user's total hours worked and overtime hours.
  • View the appointment cost of every job and get a breakdown of each team member's overtime hours and overtime cost.
  • Add or remove a team member's overtime cost to or from a job.

Add team members to appointments

If several employees have worked on various jobs and you need to keep track of who's worked on what appointment to improve job costing, this release is perfect for your business.
You can now add multiple team members to a single appointment. Simply go to the completed appointment on the system and select and add the team members who worked on the job.

Other releases

Here are some of our other newly released features, all of which were created to simplify field service job management.
  • Document Completion Notifications - Set up a trigger to notify your team when a digital document has been completed.
  • Job Dashboard Filters - Filter your job data by Month, Type, Customer, Project or Region to access information quickly.
  • Attachments - Add documents directly to Customers, Suppliers and Projects.
  • Report Builder - Add Job Costing and Custom Fields to your report.
  • Expense Rejection - Reject or remove expenses from jobs.

Coming soon

We've got several new updates on the cards for our users. Keep an eye out for news regarding these new features.
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Improved Sign Up Wizard
  • New Mobile App
  • Project Quotes Split into Multiple Jobs
  • Convert Quotes & Jobs to Recurring
  • Schedule of Rates (SORs)


If you're an Eworks Manager customer or user and want to learn more about our latest releases, contact us to book a training session with our team.

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