We offer an effective software solution to Facilities Management companies!

There are numerous aspects that are part of the smooth running of a Facilities Management company, such as the organisation and accurate assessment of past, current and future jobs, the monitoring of inventory, the management of assets and the tracking of employees – all of this, combined with updating the client on the progress and status of a job, can be highly time-consuming and difficult. E Works Manager has created an efficient answer to managing this workload: the Enterprise Solution.

How does our Enterprise Solution work?

This inventive solution allows you to send jobs to other E Works Manager systems, and track job progress live.  This means that any job sheets, expenses and site-specific information can be electronically shared, as soon as a job has been authorised – allowing for efficiency and transparency between sub-contractors and clients.

It comprises all the features that our standard job management software offers, but includes a dedicated account manager.

To add to the level of efficiency that is synonymous with E Works Manager, the client only sees the job that is sent to them by the sub-contractor, and is not continuously alerted about jobs that are unrelated, allowing both parties to concentrate on the shared job and its progress.

What are the benefits of this job management software feature for Facilities?

Our Enterprise Solution software has revolutionised the way many companies do business, and so our Enterprise Solution software is no exception. Some of the benefits of using our Enterprise Solution include:

·         More effective communication

We remove the need for constant updating of clients with phone calls and emails – because two accounts can be connected, the live tracking of jobs enables both management and client to see the progress of the job sent to them, as it happens.

·         Better insight into operation and performance

Using this feature allows both parties to understand what has been achieved, what goals are yet to be reached and ultimately allows for a more efficient workflow. It will also put the client’s mind at ease about the job’s timeline and expenses.

·         Improved control – for both job management software systems

Because two E Works Manager systems are connected, both parties are given live alerts as to the progress of the job, which means that both parties can make informed decisions regarding expenses, site-specific paperwork, job sheets and any changes made to the job.

·         Better customer service

Customer service is highly important to any business, so using our enterprise solution can help immensely. By allowing the client to track a job’s progress live, you are showing them why you are the best choice for their needs and also highlighting your abilities as a business.

·         Go paperless!

One of the biggest benefits of using this solution is that it eliminates the need for physical paperwork, as with all our job management software features. The necessary documents can be shared and filled in instantly, whether it is on a desktop or via our mobile app.

E Works Manager’s Enterprise Solution can be seamlessly added to your business processes, allowing for the swift management of sub-contractors both locally and globally – for large companies with a global workforce, this is imperative – and we have specifically engineered it for the Facilities Management industry. Use our revolutionary software to improve workflow, communication and to keep customers happy!

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