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Electrical Engineering Software

Eworks Manager's multi-functional Electrical Engineering system allows you to create quotes and generate jobs. As well as this, you can assign contractors and complete invoices relating to electrical works - all from one system. When using contractors out in the field, it is helpful knowing their progression on the assigned job. This gives you the answers to your clients' questions relating to the job.

When carrying out the work yourself, Eworks allows you to manage and track the jobs that need completing. It also sets triggers to notify you if a job goes past its due date, when a job has been invoiced as well as so much more.

Eworks Manager's smooth flowing software ensures the processes of a job is completed accurately, from beginning to end. It does so by managing your field workers times using the Mobile App's status changing option. The changing option tracks your time getting to site, how long you were on site for and the time you spend getting back to the office. From the Mobile App you are also able to complete and invoice a job while on site. This means you don't have to go back to the office to send one invoice.

Always be on top of your figures with the Report Summary Feature. This feature offers you multiple reports against jobs - invoiced, completed and outstanding - and even your profits and losses. With the User Time Sheet report function you are able to track your field staff times spent on jobs. This means no more capturing times at the end of the week, as all the information is already there.

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