Improve Productivity with our Time Tracking System

Track Your Time and Improve Your Business

All types of businesses can benefit from time tracking software, no matter how large or small a business is. These apps are well worth the money because they can track all team activity, handle expenses, and more. Business owners who use this technology find increased productivity, which ultimately leads to increased profits, which is obviously the bottom line of any business.

Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software

There are many time tracking software benefits including better task management. There are so many little tasks involved in any business, and often, most of us don’t even realise just how many tasks are being managed at once. Time tracking software ensures that nothing is ever missed and that everything gets done when it should. Other time tracking software benefits include:

  • Payroll Management
  • Better Focus
  • Better Workflow
  • Cut Expenses
  • Better Client Billing
  • Employees Are in Charge of their Time Off
  • Reduced Unplanned Absences
  • Less Work for the Payroll Department

Time Tracking with Eworks

Time tracking software is vital to any business who finds their margins constantly getting tighter. It’s important for a business to keep a track of time spent on site and any idol times where their engineers aren’t working. Eworks Manager has built-in software for time tracking online which allows any business to run reports that help manage their workers more efficiently.

When a team works on projects that may take weeks or even months, being able to account for every second is crucial. With Eworks Manager’s time tracking app, a business can see their profits from day one and have the comfort that they are going to make money or spot an issue early on and make the necessary changes before a small issue becomes a financial crisis.

In Eworks we track everything that happens, every appointment, every second spent on a particular job or project, and we then produce reports for you to assess. Businesses can now see which jobs they make a profit on, and understand why jobs are going wrong as everything is all in one place.

They are given the opportunity to place an hourly rate against an operative which allows the business to calculate every penny that they are spending. After all, in the business world, your staff are probably your main expenses. All these costs are calculated in the background so that they don’t need to use calculators at the end of every job.

Time tracking software is the solution for your business, no more worrying over expenses, guessing if you have made a profit or loss, losing accountability for time on site, Eworks Manager can really save you time.

We invite you to browse our Eworks Manager website or start your obligation Free 14 Day Trial to see what makes Eworks Manager an award winning software system for all technical service industries.

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