Monitor Your Staff & Their Jobs With An Employee Tracking System

A Powerful All-In-One System for Staff Scheduling, Monitoring, and Employee Evaluation

Do you want your employees to become more productive than ever? If this is the case, you should introduce an employee tracking system right away. You will be able to locate your field workers at any time using this system, enabling you to assign jobs to the employee who is closest to the job site. The admin staff can easily communicate with field workers, resulting in field workers completing assigned tasks in far less time.

Task Scheduling Made Easier

You can easily delegate jobs to your field employees with the aid of Employee Tracking Software. Jobs can be scheduled for a specific date and time, and field staff receive instant notifications of the assigned work on their mobile phones via the Eworks Manager Mobile Job Scheduling App. As a result, the process of job scheduling is handled professionally without any errors or misunderstanding.

Optimized Route Planning

Employee Tracking Software can also assist you if you want to significantly reduce your travel expenses. Our Route Optimisation Software and Route Planning Software features provide driving directions to field staff, allowing them to arrive at their destination on time and save on fuel costs.

Effective Communication

You can boost your company’s productivity by improving communication between your administrative staff and your field staff.  Management and employees can easily communicate with one another by sending and receiving instant messages; additionally, field staff can send real-time job updates to management and receive approval immediately, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Live Tracking of the Field Workers

With the help of our Employee Tracking Software, it is now possible to track field employees in real-time. Using GPS-enabled mobile devices and Live Mobile Tracking Software, the admin staff can check the location of the field workers at any time. When field workers enter or leave the designated area, the admin staff will receive instant alerts and notifications.

No Internet, No Problem

You don’t have to worry if you are facing internet connectivity issues, as Employee Tracking Software allows you to work in offline mode as well. With the help of synchronization and our Offline Task Management Software, job data is stored locally on your device in offline mode when there is no internet connection, and when the network connection is restored, automatic syncing with the admin system starts, allowing easy downloading and retrieving of the information in online mode.

Choose the Best Employee Tracking System Solution For Your Business

Finding the best employee tracking system with so many choices on the market is not easy. This is where Eworks Manager’s Employee Tracking System makes all the difference. Eworks Manager’s Job Management Software is one of the best on the market due to the many remarkable features that it provides. Take a peek at the following features to get an idea of how awesome Eworks Manager’s System is:

  1. You can easily assign jobs to the field workers closest to the job site using the Geo Planner feature.
  2. You can view the live locations of your company’s vehicles using the Vehicle Tracking Software feature.
  3. The admin staff can easily monitor the job progress of the field workers by using the Live Panel feature.
  4. Field workers don’t have to waste time by coming back to the office repeatedly, as they can easily update their jobs on-site on their mobile phones.
  5. The employee tracking system allows you to view the live locations of your field workers by using the Live Mobile Tracking feature.

If you’re still unsure about whether to use Eworks Manager’s Employee Tracking System, you can try the 14-day free trial offered by Eworks Manager to clear things up.

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