5 reasons to sign up for Vehicle Tracking Software

The benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software are not limited to tracking your fleet vehicles when they're in the field. The software offers countless advantages for Field Service businesses, including reducing fuel consumption. If you've considered signing up for our Vehicle Tracking Software and want to learn more about how it can improve your operations, explore our top reasons to start using Eworks Manager.

What is Vehicle Tracking Software?

Vehicle Tracking Software is a tool that companies can use to support their Mobile Workers when they're in the field. The software displays the live location of each fleet vehicle, measures the fuel efficiency of every journey, and monitors driver behaviour to ensure that employees and vehicles are kept safe.

Record driver behaviour on the road

Managing remote workers is challenging when you or your supervisors aren’t present to encourage safe driving. If you're looking for a way to monitor your team's behaviour on the road, consider using Vehicle Tracking Software. You can use the system to generate speeding, idle time, braking and acceleration reports to identify areas that need to be improved. Good driver behaviour can boost fuel efficiency, so if you monitor your workers’ driving skills, you can find ways to decrease fuel consumption. Speeding reports can also be used to keep your employees and fleet vehicles safe, as exceeding speed limits and driving too fast can increase the possibility of accidents.

Plan routes efficiently with Smart and Auto Planning

With Vehicle Tracking Software, you can use Smart Planning and Auto Planning to find the quickest or most economical routes to save time and reduce fuel costs. Smart Planning uses our Route Optimisation Software to determine the earliest appointment or most economical appointment available based on the location of each employee. With Auto Planning, our system will automatically schedule unassigned jobs, using our Route Planning Software to find either the most economical or quickest appointment available. Both features can save you time, as you don’t have to manually find the best route for the Job.

Reduce fuel consumption

When combined with our Job Card Software, you can use Vehicle Tracking Software to reduce fuel consumption. With digital Job Cards, your Field Workers don't have to come into the office every day. Our Job Card Software gives your employees the freedom to travel directly to their appointments and access all the information they need via our Mobile App. All you or your supervisors need to do is create and assign Job Cards to technicians, and they'll be able to view and complete Job Cards on-site. When a Job is done, the technician responsible can use our Invoice Software to generate and email an Invoice to the client instead of travelling to the office to hand in the Job Card for invoicing.

Keep workers safe in the field

Our Vehicle Tracking Software makes it easier to keep your Mobile Workers safe, giving you a bird's eye view of your team when they're on-site. When a technician is en route, you can view the live location of their vehicle to ensure they arrive at their destination safely and on time. If your technicians work remotely, you can check in with them with our Lone Worker feature throughout the day. Your technician can activate the feature on our Mobile App and do regular check-ins to confirm that they are safe. Once they've arrived at their destination, they can deactivate the feature. If a worker is in immediate danger, they can hold the Lone Worker panic button to trigger a panic alert. You’ll receive the notification via Eworks Manager so you can send help.

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