4 Field Service challenges you can solve with Job Scheduling Software

No matter how successful your Field Service business is, you're guaranteed to face challenges. Whether these obstacles are big or small, you need to tackle them before they affect your business's productivity and profitability. Fortunately, we've created a solution to tackle the industry's most common challenges. With Job Scheduling Software, you can successfully resolve your business's day-to-day challenges. We've compiled a list of common Field Service obstacles to illustrate how you can use our software to overcome these hurdles.

Challenge #1: scheduling conflicts

Creating a conflict-free schedule for your Field Workers is time-consuming and challenging. It can be difficult to schedule jobs in advance and avoid overbooking workers when using a paper system. If a technician is off work and you need to reschedule jobs, you need an intelligent system that can give you a clear view of everyone's schedule to adjust your team's calendars.

Solution: schedule jobs ahead of time

With our Job Scheduling Software, you can avoid scheduling conflicts by using our Time Planner, which shows you every technician's schedule and the jobs that still need to be assigned. You can drag and drop unassigned appointments and allocate them to an available timeslot for a specific worker. When a technician is unavailable, their time off will be displayed on the Time Planner, and you can assign the job to another employee.

Challenge #2: reducing mileage and fuel consumption

Field Service companies rely on transport, with technicians travelling to and from jobs daily. With workers constantly on the road, mileage and fuel consumption for your business will always be high, which is particularly challenging when fuel prices are constantly increasing. You need an innovative Route Planning tool that can work out the most efficient routes, so you don’t have to calculate your team’s journeys manually.

Solution: assign jobs to the nearest technician

You can use Job Scheduling Software and our Route Optimisation feature to find the quickest or most economical appointments available to reduce mileage or save money. To automate Job Scheduling, you can activate our Auto Planning plugin, and our system will automatically allocate jobs to the quickest or most economical appointment available. Route Planning Software has proved to be an effective tool for many of our Field Service customers, reducing mileage and fuel consumption and saving them money.

Challenge #3: misplacing important customer information

With a paper system, job cards and other important documents can easily be misplaced, making paper Jobs Cards an inefficient way to share project details with your team. Lost job cards and documents put your customers' data at risk. It's not a secure way to store or share sensitive information, and confidential documents could fall into the wrong hands, which could be bad for your business's reputation.

Solution: replace paper documents with digital job cards

Digital Jobs Cards are a safe, secure way to share job details with your workers when they're in the field. You don't have to print job cards, and your technicians can travel directly to job sites without collecting paper documents at the office. With our Job Card Software, all job details are stored on our cloud-based system to keep all customer information safe. The data can be accessed by anyone in your team from our Admin System or Mobile App.

Challenge #4: downtime caused by machine breakdowns

Unnecessary downtime can negatively impact your productivity. When assets break down, it will take your team longer to complete their tasks as they wait for assets, including vehicles and machinery, to be repaired. Asset maintenance is crucial as it prolongs the lifespan of assets, preventing unexpected breakdowns which lead to downtime. You need an efficient system that can determine when assets are available for maintenance to ensure that your equipment is always ready for the next job.

Solution: implement an asset maintenance plan

With Job Scheduling Software, you can schedule asset maintenance tasks in advance to keep your equipment in good condition throughout the year. If your assets need to be maintained regularly, you can set up Recurring Jobs to ensure that weekly, monthly, or yearly asset maintenance tasks are automatically created on our system. With Asset Maintenance Software, you can attach files and photos to your assets to confirm that maintenance tasks have been completed correctly or to attach a compliance certificate.

Eworks Manager is the perfect solution for any Field Service business facing these challenges. Start using our Job Scheduling Software to overcome these obstacles and improve the overall success of your business. Sign up for our 14-day free trial or contact our support team for more information.

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