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Get the Job Done With the Right Tools!

Since the Stone Age, tools were being used by human beings. As society progressed, so did the tools. But just because you have the tools, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right ones. This is especially true for service-based companies.

Business is constantly evolving

Most business owners nowadays adopt accounting packages in their companies. From Quickbooks and Sage, to Xero or MS Excel, these packages can be very handy, especially for your admin and accounting staff. But, when it comes to your technicians, these packages usually lack other essential features such as job card management and vehicle tracking.

Fortunately, Eworks Manager’s job card management software allows you to integrate your system with your desired accounting package as well as other essential features – all from one place!

Job Card Management Software to Manage Your Jobs

Because Eworks Manager is specifically designed for the technical services industry, our software uses the best practices to get the job done while still allowing for generic features. The system also allows you to create quotes on-site, manage and plan all jobs, convert jobs into invoices, and the list goes on. To top it off Eworks Manager allows you to store all your work in one convenient place which means that losing paperwork is now a thing of the past.

As technology continues to evolve, so do businesses. Many companies are now updating and changing their ways by adopting the best software. Doing so enables them to remain efficient and gives them a competitive edge on their competitors.

With Eworks Manager, you complete any job on time and with a profit. All you need to do is appoint, plan and action all the necessary steps. It's as easy as that. Contact Eworks Manager today to start organising your business the right way.

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