Load shedding survival guide for your Field Service business

In 2021, load shedding reached an all-time high in South Africa, with 1,130 hours of power cuts recorded. The country’s power supplier has admitted that its system hasn't been maintained and is unreliable and unpredictable. A lack of maintenance and old infrastructure means that load shedding will only worsen in 2022. Unfortunately, an unpredictable energy supply is unsustainable if you want to operate a profitable business. With no respite in sight, many companies, including those in the Field Service industry, are looking for load shedding solutions. Besides keeping track of the load shedding schedule for your area, you can follow these tips to keep your business operations going.

Protect your electronics with surge protectors

Load shedding causes voltage fluctuations, which can damage electronic equipment. Fortunately, you can protect your computers and other office appliances with surge protectors. A surge protector diverts the extra electricity from a sudden surge away from your electronics. Surge protection devices will save you time and money in the future, reducing the need to replace technology damaged during load shedding. These devices will also save you the hassle of submitting insurance claims to replace electronics or appliances. Surge protection devices should always be installed by a professional to ensure that your assets are adequately protected during load shedding.

Use a cloud-based system to protect your data

With a cloud-based system like Field Management Software, you can store all your data online to ensure that your team doesn't lose work or important information when the power goes out. Your employees can access your company's data anywhere by accessing the cloud-based system, which is ideal if they need to work at a different location during load shedding. Cloud-based software is also suitable for Field Service businesses as your technicians can access the data they need when they're on-site by logging into the system via their mobile device. Besides protecting data during load shedding, a cloud-based system offers a safer storage solution for your business. There's no chance of losing valuable information or misplacing confidential client documents if your computers or hard drives are stolen.

Invest in a generator or UPS

Backup power solutions have become essential for local businesses because of load shedding. Depending on your electrical requirements, you could invest in a generator or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your business. A generator is a worthwhile investment, as you can store the machine when load shedding is suspended and bring it out of storage when it’s implemented. Unfortunately, generators produce noise, and they need fuel to operate, which has become an expensive commodity. A UPS is ideal as it switches on as soon as load shedding starts. Your team can continue working and they can access your cloud-based system or Field Management Software to get real-time updates from your field workers.

Plan your schedule around load shedding

If you follow the load shedding schedule, you can plan your team's workday around load shedding. With Field Management Software, you can schedule jobs ahead of time if you know when load shedding will take place, and if a new stage is introduced at the last minute, you can adjust your team's schedule. For example, if a technician can't complete a job as the power will be out at the job site, you can use Job Scheduling Software to reschedule the appointment and assign another job to them during that time. Changing your team's schedule with cloud-based software is quick and easy and everyone's online calendars will automatically be updated.


Field Management Software is one tool your business can use to mitigate the effects of load shedding. To learn more about our cloud-based system, contact our support team or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

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