Manage Installation Warranties with Eworks Manager

Software can streamline many aspects of your business. This is especially true in industries that use job cards, industries such as plumbing, electrical contracting, construction, locksmithing and others. The job card is a printed document that is handed to an engineer to record all of the details of a completed project. This process can be time-consuming, but it remains essential.

Job card software such as Eworks Manager allows for much more control, accuracy and efficiency in tracking projects and other aspects of a business, such as lead management, asset management, warranty management, sales estimates, CRM, recurring jobs, and others.

Installation Warranty Management

Companies in certain industries will issue installation warranties, and the process of filing, tracking, estimating and analysing claims can be a huge time and money drain if it is not automated. With Eworks Manager, companies are able to coordinate their internal processes with dealers, service providers, suppliers and service centers in order to integrate the warranty workflow and streamline it for increased profits and active warranty intelligence.

PPM – Planned Preventative Maintenance

PPM is another business process that can be greatly improved with Eworks Manager. Companies that have multiple recurring projects can take advantage of features such as triggers and SMS notifications. Once set up, triggers will remind your team of scheduled site visits for example, or they will alert you when a project is overdue, either through a popup in the Eworks Manager system, an SMS message, or an email.

Eworks’ trigger system will also alert your customers ahead of a recurring visit through an SMS. This takes away the extra step of having to call each customer before a visit, and allows enough time for a cancellation on the customer’s part.

Asset Management

Asset management can be another resource intensive activity without the help of a powerful piece of software. With Eworks you can easily manage and develop the asset distribution, maintenance and utilization processes within your business. This can have many benefits for your company, including:

  • Lower hardware costs.
  • Better asset organization.
  • Better job tracking against assets.
  • Easier barcode and RFID assignment and tracking.
  • Centralised management.
  • Easier access to the history of each asset.
  • Time and cost savings for your business.

Assets can be assigned a variety of tags, including designations for recurring jobs, urgent jobs, invoices and recurring invoices, and maintenance service dates and frequency. With Eworks, you are able to track the maintenance dates of critical assets such as fire alarms or other safety equipment. You will also be able to track the service dates of assets that have been provided to a customer, such as yearly service dates for vehicles and other equipment.

CRM System

The Customer Relationship Management system is designed to help companies manage all data related to their customers. This can include contact information, services and products provided, subscriptions, complaints, interaction history and many other relevant pieces of information. Using Eworks, all of this data can be centralized, organized and easily accessible.

The CRM system from Eworks will also allow you to keep track of a recorded customer data including emails and calls. The system is linked with several tabs within Eworks’ interface in order to allow for easy access to customer information. The connected tabs include jobs, invoices, quotes and many others.

Offline Capabilities

Being a mobile application, Eworks also allows for offline task management for whenever you or an employee does not have cell phone signal. This offline solution allows the user to complete jobs, process documents and upload images when offline. Once connection is regained, all actions are synchronised with the main network.

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