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How Will You Manage Your HVAC Company This Summer?

Summer season is fast approaching which means air conditioners need to be serviced and working in full force. Although this means more business for the HVAC industry it also means more to manage and control with less time on your hands. The result of not having a system in place could land you in a scorching situation.

Implementing a full-featured Job Card Management system will make sure your entire workforce is sticking to a specific structure. Even in complete chaos, staff will complete tasks when tasks need to be done. It also means that staff won’t forget about quotes and invoices. Integrated with a mobile App, your field staff have what they need to get the job done. This ensures everyone knows what they need to do, eliminating all unnecessary communication between the office and field workers. Below are just a few ways a streamlined, web-based system can help you get more out of each day this peak season.

Managing your Quotes, Jobs, and Invoices

A web-based Job Management system will streamline your processes. From creating and sending a quote, assigning a job to a field worker and lastly sending that job for invoicing. Having a system that introduces a structure in your HVAC business will let you worry about issues that may arise in the chaos. Having all your quotes, jobs and invoices in one system also mean that your staff are not double capturing in multiple systems, misplacing documents or forgetting about an urgent job.

Managing your SLA’s

Managing your recurring jobs during busy season sometimes gets difficult when daily call outs or emergency jobs get booked. If not scheduled, planned preventative maintenance could easily get lost in the mix. An all in one system will book out all planned jobs to a field worker before the time. This lets you know which workers are still available to deal with jobs booked out on the day.

Managing your Assets

Asset Management is essential for the HVAC industry. There needs to be a full audit trail of all work done against each air con that has been replaced, serviced or one that has retired. A fully integrated system will allow you to track and manage each asset individually. This ensures interval services or check-ups are done and that if there are any issues or faults with an asset, it captures a log. Asset management integrated with a mobile application will allow your field workers to go the extra mile with loading asset information from site. Your field staff can document or capture any new assets installed, take before and after images and answer customised questions set up by you or your office staff.

Managing your Workers Stock

Tracking your stock is vital during busy periods. It is important that your field workers have the correct stock or even enough stock to get a job done. To account for each stock item, thus minimising your expenditure you need to know stock location. With a Mobile Inventory application, there is accountability and your stock will be managed the correct way. A mobile Inventory system will allow your field workers to check stock, create picking lists and transfer stock between locations. Whilst keeping a full history of every movement made.

Managing Seasonal Staff

We all know when peak season starts, we could all use the extra hands to help. Using seasonal staff to can become tricky when tracking their times and pay rates. Making use of a Job Card Management system will let you capture those casual workers without having them use the system. Being able to record them against jobs they assist with will track their hours correctly. Making sure workers get paid correctly and that your weekly payroll balances.

Eworks Manager’s Fully integrated Job Card Management Software and mobile App can offer you a sophisticated platform. This platform will help you manage all work orders from quote through to invoice. Eworks offers a simple integration with Quickbooks Online and Xero–for those HVAC companies who already make use of an accounting package. Additional Eworks features to assist you during busy times include Recurring Jobs, Asset Management, Mobile Inventory and many more.

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