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Manage Your Staff And Jobs Efficiently

Running a business can be a hard task, especially when you need to manage many jobs and monitor mobile staff. Fortunately, with Eworks Manager you can easily oversee all of these aspects of business. Our system is designed to help you manage your jobs and your staff. With it automatic updates and alerts, you can easily keep an eye on current and future jobs. As well as this, you can monitor your staff that may be out in the field. The system also records your staff’s locations, diaries, job sheets and more.

Because Eworks Manager tracks jobs and technicians out in the field, it is especially compatible for the technical services industries such as HVAC companies and the like. With its advanced system you can create quotes, manage jobs and easily convert leads to quotes – all while on the road. Store everything in one single, convenient place and say goodbye to a trail of paperwork.

As technology continues to develop and grow, businesses need to update and adapt to the changing business environment and to customer demands. With Eworks Manager you can remain up to date with the latest technology. Not only this but you can also gain a massive edge on your competitors.

Make a profit while managing your jobs. Action all the necessary tasks with the click of a button and appoint them to your staff out on the road. Its as easy as that

Our software is an effective and user-friendly way to organize your business and its staff. Contact Eworks Manager today to start organising your business the right way, or try our 14-Day Free Trial to test the software out yourself

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