Managing your Leads and Enquiries Have Never Been Easier

Managing leads and enquiries with Eworks Manager has never been easier. You can import potential customers, manage existing inquiries and market to all your contacts.

It is ideal for small businesses with limited time to track their sales activities, giving more control. It is also perfect for any telesales or admin staff or companies that you may outsource your bookings and sales too. All contact information is tracked and allows you to run reports based on how your sales team is performing.

Leads are then easily converted to allow for estimations to take place or an appointment can be made for a member of the sales force to provide a quote to a client.

Lead management software is an important investment that saves time and also helps secure the financial health of a business. This allows for more time to grow the business and alleviates the need to micro-manage the sales process.

Managing your Leads and Enquiries

Lead management software can fix the following organisational issues:

  • Unambiguous follow-ups –Know exactly what’s going on in each account and set follow-up dates. The Sales Lead Tracking tool puts an HVAC or any other service sales team on a schedule and brings consistency to gaining new business.
  • No customer left unattended –Every customer deserves consistency. And consistency will improve your closing rate, too.
  • Accurately assessing sales teams –Progress reports make it easy to look into specific periods of time and gain insight into sales patterns and performance issues in the sales team.

Lead management, which can sometimes be referred to as customer acquisition management, contact management, or prospect management, is simply the process of tracking and managing your potential customers. The concept and the process seem quite simple at first, but as companies grow, so does the complexity of managing the sales leads.

A single system that can automatically log all contacts, their interaction histories and track where in the sales process each lead resides is invaluable and even necessary when you’re managing multiple salespeople. Companies that automate lead management usually see increased revenues of ten percent or more within six to nine months.

The management of customers before a sales concluded is just as critical as the after sales service process. Lead Management software also assists in increasing communicating with leads and categorising them, which helps transform the leads into customers.

The primary uses of lead management software are:

  • Capturing prospective clients details in one central database, even from the web application
  • Setting reminders to follow up with prospects, thus increasing communication
  • Capturing conversations or requests from potential clients
  • Easy categorization of potential leads
  • Recognising when prospects are sales ready

Having the ability to assign leads to different sales staff makes managing leads easy. You can see who is performing and who may need more training. With user security, you can manage what people see and what people can do on the system.

Contact Eworks Manager today for a free trial to start organising your business the right way.

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