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Use the No. 1 Job Card Software to Plan Your Jobs

Being the boss of a service company means that you will always have people working under you. And, depending on the kind of business you run, you may need to assign them work on a day-to-day basis. In some organisations, there are hundreds of departments and each one has its own group of managers. Whereas, in a hands-on family business, things can be a little different.

If your business is customer-focused, you will deal directly with your clients every day, usually meeting and working with them face-to-face. In this case, your business may be a group of plumbers, electricians or parcel delivery guys. Or maybe it’s a construction crew, a gardening team, or a commercial cleaning service.

Making life easier for you and your team

Because your work is in the field, you won’t spend a lot of time in the office. The chain of command is simpler too. You report to work in the morning, clock in, and the boss tells you where you need to go. Maybe you work in teams or shifts, with a supervisor in charge, or maybe you work alone.

For an electrical job, as an example, you may need go to the customer’s house alone. Or, if it’s a big office job, there could be two or three of you. If you’re a plumber fixing a blocked toilet or sewer, it could be a four or five-man job, depending on the extent of the damage. While the work itself is something you’re used to, it can be a little more challenging for the boss.

Managing employees and customers with ease

The team's task is to get on site and solve the problem. The boss – on the other hand – has to find out where the customer lives or works and know the exact problem that needs fixing. They then need to look through their team and decide who’s best equipped to fix it.

The boss's decision may come down to who is best trained in that task, or if it’s a simple thing, the boss may just look at who is the closest to the job. The boss then has to repeat this process for every customer and every worker, sometimes for hundreds of jobs in a week. In a really busy company, or during peak season, it could happen hundreds of times a day!

Fortunately, Eworks Manager's Job Card Software can ease and help prevent these admin headaches. In 2017, we were awarded the Best Job Management Software Specialists, by Softech International Software Awards. There are many different ways that we can make work easier for you and your company. Our Job Card Software has a whole array of useful features. Below, we explore a few of them and briefly detail how they can help you.

Customer Care

When a customer calls or emails their work request, you can use our built-in CRM System (Customer Relationship Manager) to store their details. This feature manages customer phone calls, emails, complaints, and work orders. You can also review all your customer's information at a glance. Furthermore, you can easily check the physical address, customer contacts, and the kind of job that they need done.

Job Card System

Armed with the task information, you can then open the calendar and see which of your field workers are available to complete the job. You can also see who is on shift, who already has work assignments, and who is still free. Easily match the employee with the best suited skills for this job, depending on what their workload looks like.

If your field staff are driving company vehicles, you can also see their current position using our vehicle tracking feature. This will allow you to assign jobs to the closest person and track their journeys.

Mobile features

While calling your workers may seem like an easy option, it’s extra work and costs additional money. By installing the Eworks Manager app on your team’s phones, they will instantly get an alert once you’ve assigned them to a task. They can either accept or reject the task with a click of a button. The system will then update immediately, so you can see whether you need to assign the work to someone else. It’s that easy!

To start your 14-day free trial of the No. 1 Job Card Software in the nation, call Eworks Manager today.

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