Quoting Software for your Plumbing Business

Quoting Has Never Been Easier

Whether your business deals with general plumbing services, mechanical services, building sprinkler installation, steam fitting and piping services, sheet metal contracting lawn sprinkler installation or septic tank installation, Eworks Manager’s quoting system gives you the opportunity to have total control over the quoting process in your plumbing business, making your company run in the most streamlined and cost-effective way.

Quoting System Solution

E Works Manager is the perfect solution for all maintenance companies, having worked with many maintenance users all over the world. At Eworks we are passionate about the software and more importantly customer service, being constantly by your side enabling you to achieve success while helping your business grow.

Eworks has impressive features, including an easy to use quoting module that makes instant quoting a breeze. The templates will enable your plumbing business to send professionally designed, custom branded quotes within minutes.

Mobile Quoting “On the Fly”

Technology is constantly changing and an easy to use mobile application is a must, as it enables you the business owner, as well as staff to do everything seamlessly which puts much more control into your hands. The mobile application also allows the user to do quoting while on-site at the customer’s home or office.

Being able to manage a team of plumbers is hard enough using a paper-based system. It takes quite a bit of time booking it into the diary, receiving and processing the job card forms back from the plumbing teams and then processing them for invoicing. The mobile application helps save time.

Planning your day

With Eworks Manager, it’s simple, plan out the working day or week via our planner, simply drag and drop jobs and click save to book into the diary, this then fires the job to the engineer’s mobile with the relevant paperwork they need to fill in digitally. The same holds true for quote planning.

Additional Benefits of Quoting Software

The best part of quoting software is the fact that it gives you the control through a mobile application to provide accurate costings based on the fact that it can be done on-site as you move from one section or room to the next. Additional benefits include attaching photographs to the quote for ease of reference once the job is accepted and the work needs to commence, as well as the ability to be able to complete and send the quote in record time to the client.

In the business world, you are constantly faced with tight margins. Our job costing allows you to be more accurate, while the electronic imprint of the quote allows you to follow up with clients on quotes, using the planning and reminders module in the software.

Eworks Manager makes creating and managing quotes an absolute breeze, the first step in growing your plumbing business and making processes more simple and effective.

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