Team Planning Software

Team Planning Software

With the Eworks Manager's Team Planning Software, you can manage your field operative’s diary with ease. On the left-hand side is a list of all your staff, listed by user type, and on the right side is a list of all your jobs. You can categorise the jobs into unassigned, action required, on hold or active.

You can also drag the job onto the time planner and allocate it into the time slot against the correct member of staff. If you want to allocate multiple people onto a job keep dragging the job into the planner against different users. Once all the jobs are in place, you can click save. The system will then send the jobs straight to the field operative’s mobile App.

If you deal with reactive jobs and need to get the job out to the field operative quickly, then our Team Planning Software is perfect. Drag the appointment into an available slot in the diary view, select the customer, add a description of the work required, add any call out charges, and click save.

With email and SMS alert, the field operative will know about the job whilst you’re still on the phone with the customer.

Colour Coded Planner And Other Benefits

Eworks Manager Staff Scheduling Software is also colour coded. When the mobile user accepts the job, the planner changes colour to represent the status. The same happens when the user selects on route, on site or completes the job.

This gives the office a visual idea of where all the jobs are. This is perfect for when you have several operatives in the field. You can also block out holidays, sick days, and meetings. Double booking hence won‘t be an issue.

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