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Choose the Best Service Management Software for Your Business

The Service Management Software industry is expanding and expected to develop quickly due to technological advances in this market. As a result, organisations are seeing a rise in demand for real-time apps or mobile solutions for field employees, enabling them to complete their jobs without interruption or inconvenience and interact easily with dispatchers and supervisors even when on the go.

Without a doubt, field service management software is gaining traction among field technicians and their managers. Service Management Software assists mobile workers and office workers in handling work orders, job schedules, customer details, and maintaining service records. This allows clients to optimise the service workflow process and increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Which industries can use Service Management Software?

Field service management is complex, and there are still opportunities for improvement in service procedures. The following are the most pressing issues in field service administration:

  • Conflicts in job planning & scheduling
  • Financial reports and job time tracking
  • Travel expenses for business vehicles 
  • Managing work orders
  • Communication with Customers, Suppliers, Workers and Contractors  
  • Monitoring Employee Performance
  • Invoice and invoice administration
  • Compliance with Health and Safety requirements

Managing a field service business poses every day and continuing challenges. Companies are continually pursuing new technologies, customer satisfaction, better overall efficiency, and higher service quality to stay competitive and meet customer expectations while staying sustainable and profitable. New technology and powerful applications seem to be the response.

Eworks Manager's all-in-one Job Management Software is designed to handle the company's workflow and employees as efficiently and effectively as possible. This software is designed for service and trade companies that are always out and about.

You can manage your team of mobile workers with far more control and authority using Eworks Manager's system. Our system offers various plugins and features to help you manage your team's workload, track mobile workers, and boost productivity.

Dashboards for Managers, Apps for Technicians

Eworks Manager's Service Management Software provides a variety of features and capabilities to technicians and administrators. Our mobile app and software allow service workers to communicate job progress to their managers, order parts in the field and create and submit service reports and invoices to clients via a customer portal accessible via the Eworks Manager Mobile App.

Our system provides features for managerial processes, including automatic scheduling, resource allocation, dispatching features, and workforce management features. Our software can also match job skill requirements or job complexity with technician experience level or certification.

Several features are intended to improve communication between your administration team, mobile workers, customers, suppliers, and contractors. Eworks Manager offers a Mobile Job Scheduling App designed to provide the team with a paperless application for fieldwork.

Field Service Management Software has the following administrative and managerial features in common:

Admin Dashboard: A centralised dashboard for managing resources, tracking job progress, management of inventory, order approval, as well as real-time data and analysis for workforce optimisation.

Geolocation: Using GPS technology to monitor the position of technicians, company vehicles, and other assets.

Skill-Matching: With this feature, you can select technicians and employees based on their suitability for the job (e.g. certification, license, etc.).

Job Prioritisation: Managing staff and jobs by priority and SLA's.

Mobile App Supporting Technicians:

Mobile Device Connectivity: Once in the field, the app allows technicians to access their mobile job cards from a mobile tablet or phone, enabling them to keep managers updated on job progress.

Customer Data Access: The mobile app allows the field technician to access or update client data associated with a job.

Stock and Part Ordering: The app provides technicians access to inventory levels and order requests.

Arrival Time Communication: A feature of the app that enables technicians to communicate their expected arrival time at their work.

Mileage Monitoring: is the process of recording and reporting company vehicle mileage.

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