Service Management Software

Service Management Software

For any business, it is vital that you know exactly where your staff are, especially if they're out in the field. By knowing their location, you can know where your money is going and if your field workers are productive or not.

With Eworks Manager’s service management software you can keep track of all aspects of every job from once place. Having the ability to track all your work in the field is critical for any business, especially those who rely on their employees to get the job done. With Eworks, you can also view the progress of jobs using the live panel. As well as this, you can track any delays and act immediately to rectify any issues that may arise.

Our Mobile App lets you see exactly where your field workers are when they change the status of their jobs from "On Route" to "On Site". By capturing their GPS location, the system lets you see exactly where they are when they select these options.

Additional Features for you and your technicians

Technicians are also able to complete work against a specific asset. You can also create custom fields for the technician to fill in while on site. These may include the last temperature recorded or if the unit is still in working condition. With Eworks' SMS notification you can let your customer know exactly when a field worker is on their way. This saves you time and them, frustration.

You can also view multiple reports and gain a deeper perspective into your profits and losses for each job. Another helpful feature we offer are digital documents. We can customise these documents for you of which you have access to all of the time. Whether it be certificates, equipment lists, or indemnity forms, you can access these at any point.

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