Landscape Management Software - Schedule your work easily

Landscape Management Software

Landscape Management Software

Eworks Manager can help your business become more organised and efficient when planning jobs, creating invoices and sending out quotes. For a landscaping company, Eworks can be a vital tool, and here’s why;

• Be able to plan, create and manage work
• Create and send invoices to customers relating to a job
• Create quotes and sales appointments and convert them over to a job
• Create projects and keep all invoices and jobs in one place
• Bring up comprehensive reports
• Have a bird’s eye view of your working week with our time planner
• Raise and send purchase orders to suppliers
• Track where your staff are and what jobs they have on
• Plan reactive work
• Track staff expenses and wages

Above is just a handful of what our system can do, so if you would like to find out more about the system and how we can help your landscaping company become more organised, get in touch and set up a free demo of the system and see for yourself!

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