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Communicate better with your Staff, Suppliers and Customers

Eworks Manager offers a Job Management System that will help you to streamline your business and communicate better with your staff, suppliers and customers. Our system was built to help your business work from one cloud-based system that helps you to assign and manage jobs, keep track of stock and inventory, send quotes and invoices to customers, and sending orders to suppliers. If your business is still battling with paperwork and your employees need to start working from home, our system is for you.
Communication in a business is very important. You need to be able to communicate with your staff, customers and suppliers daily. Our all-in-one system gives you a bird’s eye view of your business, where you can engage with your field workers, admin staff, customers, fleet drivers and suppliers.

Communicate with your staff

Eworks Manager's Job Management System can help you to assign jobs directly to each worker. The worker can use the Eworks Job Scheduling App to accept the job and let you know when he is on his way to the job and when he has completed the job. The fieldworker can also send instant messages on the system to let you know if there are any changes or problems throughout the day. You also have the option of tracking your employees when they are using the app so that you know where they are during working hours.

Communicate with Customers

Customer service is often tense work and keeping track of customer details can also be a hassle. Having one system that stores all your customer information is far more efficient. You can keep a history of any calls or messages between you and the customer, keep appointments on schedule, and assign the job to a field worker. The fieldworker can access the customer’s address on the system from the job’s details. We have developed three new job approval methods to help you communicate with your customers. The new SMS Approval Method allows you to send an SMS text message to your customer whilst in the field completing a job. You can instantly send them an approval link via text which they can approve and view the job you have recently completed.

Secondly, we have the Audio Approval Method which allows you to record your customer verbally approving your job. The customer can record up to 10 seconds of audio (approving the job), that will be uploaded to your job attachments and can be listened to at any time. And lastly, we have the Email Approval Method which allows you to send your customer an email of your recently completed job from the field for their approval. This will allow them to view all job details and sign approval from their email. Customers will thank you for your efficiency and quick response!

Contact Your Suppliers

Not only does our software help companies manage their workflow within one system, but Eworks Manager has SRM Software that allows you to store, manage and track all your supplier details and communications. All supplier information is safe and encrypted, ensuring peace of mind. You can also manage which users have access to your supplier information, meaning you are in complete control.

With our SRM feature, you can view all of your supplier communications that have been logged into the system. These may include emails, calls, complaints, notes, tasks and a full history of all purchase orders made for the supplier. Our system also has fantastic Inventory Software that keeps track of your stock room or warehouse, so that you know exactly when you are running low and need to make a purchase order.

Great Job Card Software allows business owners to take control of projects and fieldworkers, making the business more streamlined and cost-effective in the process. Most importantly the software can help maximise profits and save you time.
We guarantee that our team will help you get the most out of our Job Card Software and you will be about to communicate better with your staff, suppliers, and customers. If you would like any more information about Eworks Manager then please feel free to contact us or sign up for a 14-day free trial today!

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