Connection through ERP Software

A key aspect of any business is how well it connects with its staff, customers and suppliers. A good connection leads to happy clients, higher staff retention, loyalty to suppliers and overall great deals. With Eworks Manager, maintaining a good connection has never been easier. Our ERP Software allows you to connect with all aspects of your business.

So, what is ERP Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning Software. This software allows you to capture, manage, track and monitor most of your business. The system is  also fully functional and allows you to handle many aspects in a streamlined and user-friendly way. These aspects may include HR, purchases and customer relations.

Connecting with:


Ensuring that your staff work at a full productivity rate can be a difficult goal to achieve. With our ERP Software you can easily achieve this goal. One of the main factors that contribute towards great productivity in the workplace is that of connection and communication. Eworks Manager allows you to monitor and manage staff and their jobs. Furthermore, every bit of information regarding their service is stored for later use and can be easily accessed through the system. Our system tracks each job, time spent on the job, off days and documents or equipment given to your workers to make your life easier and more productive. The system can furthermore be accessed by the Mobile App, allowing you to track jobs on the go.


Keeping your customers happy is a major success factor for any business. Without it, survival of any business is unlikely. Achieve this goal with our ERP Software. With our system, your staff can easily access your customers’ details out in the field or in-house. These details may relate to previous and upcoming jobs, customer details, payments, address details – the list goes on. With our ERP Software your staff can avoid any miscommunication with clients, keeping your customers happy. Our Customer Login Portal allows you to also maintain contact with the customer. It furthermore allows your customer to have access to their own system where they can check work orders and progress thereof. With our ERP Software, a continuous and immediate connection is maintained between you and your clients.


Loyalty to suppliers comes with many perks, such as priority and quality goods. It furthermore ensures that your suppliers are on time and deliver goods at a competitive rate. Our ERP System allows you to manage supplier information. It furthermore records a full history of correspondence and ensures that payments are made on time. This also ensures that you maintain and preserve your  connection with the supplier.

Eworks Manager’s ERP Software

Eworks Manager’s ERP Software Solution is a comprehensive system that allows you to gain control over every aspect of your business. Our ERP software also ensures that you are not compromising when it comes to managing your potential customers and suppliers. Eworks Manager: Connection through ERP Software

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