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Take Care of Your Customers With Eworks Manager

Customer care is an essential part of any business. Whether your business lies in the plumbing, IT, maintenance or gardening industry, keeping your customers happy with your service is vital. With every customer interaction, an impression is made of your company. Hence good communication between your staff and your customers is imperative. With Eworks Manager, you and your workforce can easily maintain constant connection with your customers.

Job Card Management

Our Job Card Management System offers a range of features and consists of two parts: the App and the System. When combined, you can have total control over your business, staff and customers. You or a member of staff can monitor and track all work in progress. And, as well as, you can avoid any delays with our live notification feature. With our software you can save money and time and ensure a good line of communication with others in your business, as well as your customers. Because Eworks Manager is an all-in-one system, you can easily store all jobs in one place. As well as this, we can digitize any relevant documents, such as invoices, for you. This lessens the chance of you losing important files.

Job Card Management for the Customer

If you want to improve your customer services, Eworks Manager is a viable, cost effective way to do so. With our system, you can easily import customers, control how much feedback you receive from them and create individual accounts for each client. With our customer login portal, customers can also log in to the system and check on the progress of their jobs as well as request more jobs. Our Job Card Management System allows you to grow your customer relationships, monitor your staff and overall, maximize your profits.

If you need to improve your customer relations and the organization within you company, Eworks Manager is the software for you. Take care of your customers the right way with Eworks Manager. Try our 14-Day Free Trial and test out our software for yourself.

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