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Evolve your Company with our Job Card Software

Managing and maintaining technical teams in the field can be a complex and challenging task for businesses. Not only do businesses of these sorts need to track their mobile workforce, but they also need to log off all the completed work by their field staff. Fortunately, Job Card Software makes these tasks easy. By making these tasks easy, it will evolve your company into a competitive, streamlined unit.

It’s a common story: the pre-recorded call said the technician will be at the customer’s house between 12 and 3. Four o’clock slowly comes around and there is still no electrician or plumber. The client, now frustrated, calls the office. All the admin staff can do is apologise as they do not know the whereabouts of the technician because he doesn’t work directly for the company. The client then starts haggling the office staff, telling them they have dinner guests in an hour, but there’s not much the admin staff can do.

At long last, the technician eventually arrives at the client’s door just as the dinner is put on the stove. He inspects the problem, only to realise he doesn’t have the right tools in his van to fix it. He will have to visit again. The technician also isn’t sure as to how much the visit costs because he doesn’t do the quoting or invoicing. The cost will only show up on the invoice when he files it for paperwork in two weeks’ time by the admin staff. By then the client will have forgotten what it’s for, so they’ll end up calling the office again to find out the details.

Although this story is about bad customer service, it is also about something else which is far more common. This story is a perfect example of a technician who does not work with the right tools. More and more, businesses are now transferring from a manual, paper-based system to an online one. Job card software, such as Eworks Manager, can streamline processes and many, if not most, errors in the above story can be avoided. Our software aims to evolve your company through efficiency.

How Can Eworks Manager Help Manage your Staff?

By keeping track of your field technicians, you can ensure that valuable man hours aren’t lost. Losing man hours is a common cause of jobs running over time. This can result in job costs. With Eworks Manager’s Job card software, you can effectively prevent the loss of valuable man hours and, in turn, save on job costs. Easily track your staff whilst they are out in the field and ensure that schedules are running on time. What’s more, is that you can do this all from one place, digitally!

Tracking your mobile technicians and their jobs is a critical part of any company. With Eworks Manager, you can see the status of all jobs as any given point using our live panel. You can also track your field technicians live on a map. This allows you to better deal with and plan for reactive jobs. Short message functionality also allows you to keep staff and customers updated as to a technician’s progress and ETA.

With our online job cards, your technicians can fill out their job cards whilst on the go. At Eworks, we can also digitise any relevant documents for you and your staff. This is especially handy for speeding up the processes from job completion to invoicing.

With a great job card software in place, your company can perform to its best potential by allowing you to adopt a real-time, proactive approach to job management. This will help you evolve your company into a competitive entity.

For more information regarding Eworks Manager’s job card software, contact us now.

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