Field Service Management challenges you can solve with Eworks Manager

Finding solutions to the challenges of Field Service Management is a challenge in itself. If you've tried and failed to find the best way to manage your team and improve efficiency, it's time to consider a solution tailored to help you tackle the challenges of Field Service Management.

The good news is that our software is designed for Field Service businesses just like yours. Whether you're running an HVAC, electrical, plumbing, gardening, construction, or pest control company, Eworks Manager has a solution for almost every challenge your business is currently facing.

Challenge: lack of communication between your field workers and admin staff

Poor communication is a challenge all companies face. However, it’s exceptionally tough for Field Service businesses when technicians work at more than one site. Communication is essential to ensure jobs are completed on time, your field workers are safe, and that jobs updates are shared as soon as possible. Even if your technicians have mobile devices on-site, they may not always have access to the internet.

Solution: improve communication with digital job cards

With our Field Service Management Software, your field staff can use their digital jobs cards to share job updates. Your admin team can access this information via the system before your technicians return to the office and share real-time updates quickly with customers. Our Mobile App works in offline mode, so if your team doesn't have access to WiFi or data, they can update their jobs cards, and the information will be uploaded to the system when they have internet access again.

Challenge: poor time management

Time management should be a top priority when you and your team must complete several jobs a day at different locations. It isn't easy to manage your teams' time well when you don't have a schedule or a system to create a timetable for you. Even if you have time to put together a plan, it may not be efficient. You know you could find more time in the day, but you're unsure how to achieve this.

Solution: use our Time Planner to schedule jobs

Job scheduling is the key to effective time management, and it's one of the many features of our software. You can allocate jobs to your technicians with our Time Planner. Once you’ve accessed the tool on our system, you’ll be able to view all the new jobs that need to be scheduled, drag an appointment to the planner, allocate a time, and assign it to a field worker. To save even more time, use Smart Planning to send the next available technician to a job or our Geo Planner to send the closest one.

Challenge: difficult to get real-time updates from field workers

When you're managing jobs for clients, updates are essential. Customers will want feedback, which you won't be able to share if you're not on-site with your team. If this information can only be shared when your team returns to the office, your impatient clients won't be satisfied. Updates are essential for managers and supervisors too. Without updates, it’s impossible to anticipate when a job will be completed, making it difficult to plan or prepare your team for new tasks.

Solution: use our Live Panel to get job updates

It's easy to get real-time updates with our Field Service Management Software. Our Live Panel gives you access to your team's tasks in progress when they're on-site. Your supervisors and admin team can see when jobs have been completed, put on hold, or sent back to the office for authorisation. You and your team can use this information to make decisions quickly and send updates to clients as soon as possible.

Challenge: keeping field workers safe

From eight to five, the safety of your field workers is on your shoulders. Keeping every employee safe when they're doing dangerous physical work is a great responsibility, especially if you're the only person responsible for their wellbeing at work. Unless you have several supervisors available to oversee every job site, your field workers will be unsupervised and at risk when they're in the field.

Solution: monitor your team with tracking software

Use Vehicle Tracking Software and Live Mobile Tracking to keep your technicians safe. Our tracking software gives you access to a field worker's live location to see when they are en route or at the job site by either tracking their vehicle or mobile device. When you're unable to be at every job site during working hours, keep an eye on them remotely.

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