Swop your manual admin system for our paperless Job Card Management Software

If you manage a business in the Field Service Industry and you're still using paper to manage your business, it's time to trade your labour-intensive system for Job Card Management Software.

What is Job Card Management Software?

Job Card Management Software helps Field Service businesses and technicians manage job cards online. The system comes with several features that make running a technical business easier.

How it works

Our Job Card Management Software replaces job cards and paper documents with digital copies, and it automates your manual tasks. Other features and functions include Job Scheduling, Asset Management, Vehicle Tracking, Invoicing, Quoting, and Lead Management.

How Job Card Management Software can help your business

Our software can be used to create and schedule digital job cards. One of the most significant benefits of using digital job cards is that feedback can be shared immediately when your technicians are on-site. Your admin team can access the system in the office and review the job cards once your technicians have shared updates. You'll never have to worry about a member of your team losing a job card again, as every digital job card is stored safely on our cloud-based system.
A Job Card Management System makes it's easier for you to supervise your technicians remotely. With Vehicle Tracking or Live Mobile Tracking, you've always got access to your team's live location. Whether you track their vehicles or mobile devices, you'll be able to keep your workers safe and make sure they arrive at job sites on time. Our Vehicle Tracking software also offers a playback feature, giving you access to your team's movement throughout the day. If you ever need to review a technician's journey on a particular day, this feature can collect this information for you.
Whether you're in the office or on-site, you can send Quotes and Invoices quickly from your desktop or mobile phone. Our Quotes and Invoices can be customised to match your brand's corporate identity, with the option to choose an existing template or create your own. If your company uses accounting software, the information from the software can be shared with our system, streamlining your invoicing process.
If preventative maintenance is essential for your business, use the platform to implement your maintenance strategy. The system can be used to schedule all your recurring maintenance ahead of time, and track upcoming maintenance jobs, whether they're scheduled or unassigned. Our system also shows you all the Recurring Jobs you've created on our Time Planner, where jobs can easily be added to a technician's calendar. Besides creating Recurring Jobs, our system lets you plan jobs efficiently with our Route Planning feature. You can allocate a specific recurring appointment to a mobile worker with a particular skill set or assign the job to the nearest available technician to save time and reduce fuel costs. Route Planning makes it easier to execute an efficient maintenance plan for your customers.

Get started with Eworks Manager

Our Job Card Management System ticks all the boxes, with the capacity to schedule jobs, monitor your technicians remotely, create and send Quotes and Invoices, and manage your Recurring Maintenance Jobs. Customer support is included in your subscription and you'll receive all the help you need to start using the system as soon as possible. Our support team is available via web chat, email and telephone if you need assistance.


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