PPM Software

PPM Software

Eworks Manager assists you in running your planned preventative maintenance (PPM). We do so by offering you the features and functions to optimise your workflow of scheduled jobs or projects.

We can also manage your service level agreements through features like triggers, recurring jobs and the SMS notification. If scheduled site visits are a requirement, the triggers feature allows you to create rules to set for yourself or for other team members. These triggers are also set as notification reminders to complete a certain task. For example, if a job has over-run it's due date, it will send you a pop-up notification on the Eworks Manager system. That or it will send you an email. This ensures that you never forget to complete a task.

Creating recurring jobs for a specific customer on the Eworks system also lets you assign work to field workers. This is handy in the case where they may need to visit a customer's site on the first Monday of every month. Eworks will furthermore automatically create and assign these recurring jobs to the field worker on the Mobile App the day before they are due to visit that site.

The Eworks SMS notification is also useful in creating peace of mind for your customers. When a field worker is on route to the customer, the Eworks system will send an SMS alert to the customer letting them know that someone is on their way. This hence takes away the hassle of back and forth phone calls between field workers and clients.

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