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PPM Software - Cloud-Based Scheduling for Preventative Maintenance Services

A Full-Featured Maintenance Management Software to Schedule Your Maintenance Plans in Advance.

Eworks Manager's PPM Software will guarantee that your business remains organised and helps you plan projects and recurring tasks. Our software simplifies the process of creating and scheduling future tasks to staff and contractors. It also helps to keep a record of your field service maintenance and staff.

Our system can automatically assign recurring jobs to the same worker, or keep a slot open in your calendar and decide which worker to send on the day. The set-up process in the system allows you to list all the stock and assets you need for the task, so your team knows what equipment to take to the appointment.

Eworks Manager lets you set the task up once, and include all the equipment, materials or digital documents required for the job. Your team can enjoy the convenience and assurance of knowing that the job will appear on their mobile calendars at the exact scheduled time, every time.

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Set a Recurring Rule to Jobs

Our system includes a Recurring Jobs Feature that allows you to plan tasks that reoccur weekly, monthly or annually. Once you have set up a recurring appointment, the system automatically adds the appointments in the calendar according to the re-occurrence rules you have set. You can also choose when you want the appointment to show up on the system before the designated date. Once set up, you can allocate your workers to the tasks. You can also manage your business projects with the recurring feature.

Create Upcoming Jobs Ahead of Time

Our system lets you manage and track all upcoming jobs, whether they are allocated to a worker or unassigned Recurring Jobs. You can also activate the option to display all Recurring Jobs on the Time Planner. From there, it's easy to slot the jobs into your mobile workers' diaries.

Use the Time Planner for Fast & Effective Scheduling

Take full control of your jobs using our easy-to-use and efficient Time Planner. Organise your appointments using a simple drag-and-drop method. Drag unassigned jobs from the right-hand side of the planner and drop it into a team member's diary. Once the job is placed in their calendar, you can click and hold the edge of the 'job box' to change the time range of the appointment and save it. This feature is the easiest way to allocate jobs as you can see which employees are available and work around their diaries.

Plan your jobs economically with Smart & Auto Planning Software

Our system lets you plan your jobs efficiently and cost-effectively. Now you can use the Smart Planning, and Auto Planning features to schedule appointments using intelligent tracking software. The system can immediately find the worker who can get to the job the soonest or who will be the closest to the job at the time, making it the most economical appointment. The system can minimise your business's fuel costs and ensures that the job is done in good time.

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PPM Software FAQs

1What is PPM Software?

Planned Maintenance Software allows your team to manage appointments and job planning far in advance. A scheduling system will automate the process of creating and maintaining job schedules for multiple employees.

Eworks Manager's PPM Software will keep your company organised and well prepared for upcoming jobs and projects. An easy-to-use system for your admin staff to set up and schedule recurring and future appointments for mobile workers and contractors. Staying on top of preventative maintenance has never been easier.

2Why is Job Scheduling important?

Job Scheduling is the skilful planning of your jobs and appointments so that your team can complete and prioritise tasks in the time you have available.

When planning is done well, it helps you see what you can realistically achieve with your time and ensures you have enough time for urgent jobs.

3How effective is the Mobile App?

Eworks Manager has developed a fantastic Job Scheduling App for your team working in the field. Our Job Card Management Software automatically syncs your employees' calendars and schedules to the app, where each mobile worker can access their job sheets for each day.

Mobile workers can create quotes and invoices on-site, as well as store their compliancy certificates and electronic documents on the app. Our app also lets mobile workers work offline in remote areas without losing their job progress.

The communication between the office and staff in the field is much faster and allows your team to respond faster to any unplanned or emergency work. The Mobile App also allows mobile users to join jobs that other mobile workers are working on. The app ensures faster, more efficient services.

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