Vehicle tracking at your fingertips

Vehicle tracking software can help you manage your company with more efficiency. Whether you are a transport or delivery company that relies heavily on the daily movement of your fleet, or a company that just needs a better way to keep track of your movements, vehicle tracking may be your solution. Eworks Manager now offers superior a tracking system, allowing companies to utilise it through their job management software and save time, effort and resources!

The benefits of vehicle tracking for your company

There are so many reasons why vehicle tracking is the way forward for a company, and the bonus is that there is no downside! Even if it is implemented just for the single company car, vehicle tracking is a boon to the whole company, from the driver to the manager to the security department.

  1. Tracking saves money.

    With vehicle tracking in place, the control room doesn’t have to constantly stay in communication with the drivers to find out how far they are, saving a vast amount of the company’s phone bill every month. Because the tracking software can be integrated into your company task management system, it can also save money when it comes to resources such as logbooks, sign-in and check-out forms, route maps, drivers’ records and the like.

  1. The software is fully integrated into the Eworks Manager Job Management System.

    Vehicle tracking software is fully integrated with the rest of your company’s management software, making it highly accessible and easy to use at the click of a button. You can improve your vehicle and transit management by reviewing all past, current and future vehicle jobs in one location.

  1. Assists with time management.

    Many companies struggle with frustration and losses when a job cannot be completed because of poor management of transport and vehicle movement. With vehicle tracking, time management problems are a thing of the past. Easily plan your driver’s route using the software and ensure that your vehicle gets to its destination with the minimum amount of hassles and obstacles. Time is also saved by being able to access the vehicle or route information from the office at any time, instead of liaising with drivers back and forth.

  1. Live tracking features.

    Track your vehicle movement in real-time on the system, at any time. Managers or vehicle control teams can instantly find the position of any vehicle and monitor its movement as it happens.

  1. Vehicle monitoring can help control driving behaviour.

    Knowing that their vehicles are equipped with live trackers helps drivers be more aware and responsible of their driving habits. The company will know which routes the drivers take, when they stop for breaks, whether they were speeding and any other driving patterns displayed. Vehicle tracking is an effective method of enforcing responsible driving behaviour without the need for direct action or confrontation, preventing any issues with drivers before they arise.

  1. Tracking software has recording and playback features.

    The software keeps a record of every vehicle’s movement that is stored in the system. You can access old routes or driver records whenever you need. You can also view an unlimited history on all your drivers with a playback feature that shows every step of the routes taken.

Never miss a thing with Eworks Manager’s vehicle tracking

The Eworks Manager’s Vehicle Monitoring Software offers a huge advantage in all departments of the company. Because it is integrated with the rest of the company system, managers can access live tracking and completed jobs at their ease. The software keeps tracks of everything, from routes, mileage and how long a driver was at his destination to fuel receipts, drivers’ profiles and past job reports. The system also provides detailed and comprehensive reports to make managing the information and planning future jobs easier. Another benefit to choosing Eworks Manager’s Vehicle Monitoring is that it is one of the most affordable solutions on the market. No other tracking solution offers the levels of integration with the full company management system that Eworks provides. Ideal for every kind of business, it truly is the ultimate vehicle management solution. Get in touch today for a demo with a member of our team and see the system for yourself!

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