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Managing large/small teams of engineers has never been easier.

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  • Dan C.
    Before Eworks Manager, we did our job sheets on paper and it was a constant struggle to keep a track of jobs and employees. It's a breeze now and it's enabled us to expand two-fold and we don't see a problem managing twice as much or even more with Eworks Manager.
    Dan C.
    General Manager - Plumbing company with 11-50 employees
  • Linda M.
    Amazing software! Saved my business a lot of time and my staff love it! Support is always there, and the Eworks Manager staff are very helpful. 100% recommend!
    Linda M.
    Managing Director - Plumbing business with 11-50 employees

See all your jobs on the move, at any time!

Manage your staff, jobs, sales, improve work productivity and grow profits.

Complete Compliance Certificates in the field without the need to carry paperwork

Our Digital Document Service allows you to go completely paperless. Digitise all your safety certificates so they can be completed on your smartphone or tablet device. On completion, your certificates are all filed away and linked to the job with easy access to all your document history.
Our software is built specifically to assist Plumbing & Heating companies with the organisation of finances, as well as past, current and future jobs. This enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan jobs, send job SMS notifications, monitor inventory and create ongoing jobs. You can also manage job invoices, quote jobs, manage assets, track your vehicles, and monitor employees in real-time and much more. Customers can sign off on jobs right there and then, enabling you to invoice right away.

Track your plumbers in the field

Eworks Manager offers both Live Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking. Both tracking features provide a live location of your plumbers in the field and receive automatic updates of their jobs.

Vehicle Tracking also has Fleet Management benefits, allowing you to pull updated mileage, journey reports, driving behaviour reports and more.

Our Live Mobile Tracking feature tracks your technician's devices while out in the field. You can identify which sites your plumbers are currently at, and how long they spend on-site. Easily track who is the nearest to any reactive jobs that may come in.

Re-active Jobs - Assign the first available technician

Our app gives your team to access to jobs on the move, at any given time. Our Geo Planner lets your customers log jobs and allows your team to see the latest jobs that have been scheduled and mapped within the closest distance.

With our Vehicle Tracking System, you can track your drivers live on the job within our all-in-one system. Our notifications section allows multiple users to work on the same job in a managed order by not wasting time with delayed communications.

Schedule and keep track of jobs with a range of planners

Ensure the right technician gets to the right job at the right time. Our Smart Planning and Auto Planning can manage and automate job scheduling, taking into account Technician Availability, Travel Distances and Technician Range.

Smart Planning: See the quickest appointments available, pick the most economical appointment slot, assign jobs to the correct users by job types, and sort search results by best available appointment slots. Designed for companies that require Smart Planning.

Auto Planning: Allow Eworks Manager to plan your jobs for the most economical routes, or for the fastest reaction time, automatically.

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