How managing field service staff time effectively will improve profits

Time management is one of the best ways to increase the productivity of your field service staff, as well as being a fantastic way to improve profits.

By utilising effective staff planning software, you are able to effectively manage the diary of your field service staff and field operatives, while receiving accurate reports on the activity of all field service staff and operatives. This software also allows you to monitor how much time is spent on a certain project, whether your field service staff have returned to a certain project multiple times and if your field operatives are responding in a timely manner to their job assignments.

How can you improve the efficiency of your field staff?

Your field staff – and in fact, any employees – are the major cogs in the machine of your business, and having a well-oiled machine is vital to improving your profits. There are several ways to improve the efficiency of your field staff, including the following:

  • Choose suitable communication equipment
    In today’s age of modern technology, your field service staff cannot afford to be operating on outdated cellular devices, so it is vital to choose and implement communication equipment that is up-to-date.Empower your staff by equipping them with smartphones and tablets, where they can upload job management software that tracks their assigned jobs, sends directions to sites and ensure that they have the correct tools for each project. When clients see your field staff using updated technology and software, they are more likely to believe in and trust your business.
  • Don’t always dispatch to the closest technician
    It might seem easy to dispatch jobs to the closest technician, but there is a difference between getting the job done and getting the job done right.It is important to dispatch a technician that is equipped with the correct skills for the project, as this will increase the efficiency with which the project can be finished.
  • Make sure your field staff can collaborate
    Anyone can solve a problem quicker if they are able to work together – as the saying goes, two heads are better than one!Enabling your staff to collaborate with each other using job management software will improve productivity and problem-solving abilities, while also allowing them to stay connected with experts and seniors in the office, who can give them second opinions and guidance on how best to approach a job, saving on time and money, as you will not have to visit a site multiple times or send out multiple engineers.

How does job management software contribute to these profits?

Field service is an industry that is heavily influenced by the advances in mobile technology and job management software, and as such has developed immensely. Job management software has evolved too, bringing with it the introduction of apps for field service staff, some of which have impressive offline capabilities – perfect for those who may work in areas without coverage or access to data.

The ways in which job management software has contributed to profits include:

  • Good customer service creates customer loyalty
    Using job management software for your field service staff enables them to provide the best customer service possible, which leads to loyal customers and the increase in sales of parts and requesting of services.
  • Efficient scheduling means more jobs
    Completing a job on time and within the client’s budget is a sure fire way to increase profits and your customer base. With the advanced features of many job management software apps and systems, such as smart scheduling and dispatching, your field service staff will be able to complete more jobs. By allowing your field staff the ability to access and edit the schedule themselves, your office staff will be left with more time to manage your business and market your services.
  • Paperwork is reduced
    Often your field service staff will have to fill out reams of paperwork before, during and after a job, but by using efficient job management software apps, your operatives will be able to instantly mark jobs as complete, get signatures from clients on-site and eliminate any confusion or invoice mistakes that come with handwritten forms and invoices.
  • Increased communication and information
    The phone lines in your office should function as communication lines for customers and clients, and not be inundated with calls from technicians with simple questions about jobs for which they should already have the information. By centralising work orders, job information and scheduling data, you are enabling your staff to be autonomous and efficient. This also allows your office to keep accurate, time-and-date stamped records that can be used for later reference if needed.

Managing the time of your field service staff is vital to improving profits and increasing your customer base, and these are just some of the ways in which job management software contributes to these profits.

Moving away from traditional and out-dated methods of time keeping can also reassure your clients that you are a trustworthy company, so if you sign up for E Works Manager’s job management software you are taking the first step on a journey towards a more efficient and profitable business!

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