Prepare for the future of renewable energy with Electrical Contractor Software

At the beginning of 2022, South Africa's renewable energy industry received a R600 million investment from foreign funders. The investment is a promising sign for the future of renewable energy, and it presents new opportunities for Electrical Contractors in the country. To prepare your business for South Africa's renewable energy boom, consider Electrical Contractor Software to boost your productivity and help you manage renewable energy jobs efficiently. Discover the software's features and how it can give your company a competitive edge.

Prioritise asset maintenance

Asset maintenance is essential to keep up with installation and maintenance jobs. If the machines and equipment required for renewable energy projects are unavailable, your team won't be able to complete jobs on time, which will affect productivity. Being unable to complete projects on time may affect your company's reputation. It shows that you cannot meet deadlines, and potential customers may choose to work with your competitors. Fortunately, it’s possible to implement an effective asset maintenance strategy with Asset Management Software. You can keep a record of all planned maintenance jobs and schedule maintenance tasks ahead of time to ensure all assets are ready for renewable energy projects.

Complete electrical certificates online

An electrical certificate of compliance is a document that confirms that the electrical work on a property meets the regulations required by the South African National Standards. Your technicians will always need to complete this document for every job, as it's a legal requirement. With Electrical Contractor Software, they can complete the document on-site with their mobile device and store a copy of the document on a cloud-based system. Cloud storage is a safe way to store documents, and it's quick and easy to share the online document with the customer. Move away from an inefficient paper system and keep important certificates safe with Electrical Contractor Software.

Support your technicians in the field

With Electrical Contractor Software, it’s easy to support your technicians when they’re working in the field. The system is equipped with features like Vehicle Tracking to help you keep mobile technicians safe during working hours. With Vehicle Tracking Software, you can view every technician’s live location and use this information to make sure they arrive at job sites safely and on time. If your employees use their own vehicles, you can turn Vehicle Tracking off after hours, making Vehicle Tracking Software a non-intrusive way to support your team.

Manage and track inventory

Inventory management ensures your business operations run smoothly, and with an Inventory Management system, you can get real-time stock updates, manage your warehouse space, and maintain optimal stock levels. Inventory Management Software can be used to monitor inventory levels, track the movement of your stock from one storage location to another, create picking lists for jobs, and access a complete history of materials ordered and used for projects. The system makes it easy to manage your Purchase Orders, with the option to create new and recurring Purchase Orders, view approved orders, those waiting for approval, and the total cost of Purchase Order payments.

Create an efficient schedule for your team

With an efficient schedule, you can keep your team on track while boosting productivity. The most practical way to create and implement a plan is with Job Scheduling Software. With Job Scheduling Software, you can create and share digital job cards with your team. All the project information can be added to the job card and assigned to a technician. When they're on the job, they can share real-time feedback with you and your team, and once the job has been completed, the technician can send an invoice to the client before they leave the job site.

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