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Locksmith Dispatch Software - Job Management Software for Locksmith businesses

How can Locksmith Dispatch Software help Locksmiths

Eworks Manager is the ideal solution for Locksmiths. It empowers you to manage your scheduled and reactive jobs all in one system. When you are with a client, you can easily quote from the admin system or the mobile app. You can schedule tasks for your locksmiths with our simple drag and drop solution. Once the appointment is complete, you can control your invoices via our finance feature, or we can link your system into Sage One, Xero or QuickBooks.

Managing Tasks & Projects Has Never Been Easier!

Import prospective clients, manage enquiries and market to your contacts.

Quote on installations and call outs

Generate quotes and print or email them straight to your customers.

You can transform quotes into tasks instantly, without losing any data. You can easily edit the status of quotations to keep up to date with which quotations need chasing. Our Mobile App enables you to create quotes on-site, speeding up the entire process.

Plan appointments and dispatch workers efficiently and economically with smart and auto planning

The Smart Planning feature allows you to designate specific tasks to workers with certain skill sets. The system will locate the locksmith that can tend to the task the quickest, or the locksmith who is closest to the job, making the appointment an economical one. This decreases fuel costs and ensures that the task is completed on time.

Keep track of expenses and invoice on-site

Create invoices on-site with our Mobile App or from the Admin System. You can customise your invoices to suit your business's brand and structure. Manage your unpaid invoices and set payments conditions for each client.

Our system lets you export your invoices for auditors or bookkeepers.

Keep track of your locksmiths using live or vehicle tracking

Eworks Manager provides Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking. With these features, you can see the live location of your workers and receive automatic performance updates of their appointments.

Vehicle Tracking includes Fleet Management advantages, keeping you updated with driving behaviour, distance, journey reports, and more.

Our Live Tracking feature tracks your worker's devices while in the field. You can see where your staff currently are and how long they have spent on-site. You can also locate who the nearest is to any reactive jobs that may come in.

Complete Reporting Suite

Decision-making can be enhanced with useful management reports. A thriving business needs to understand its strengths and weaknesses to keep improving. You can accomplish this by analysing operational and financial information. Fortunately, with Eworks Manager, you can create comprehensive reports, so it's easy to evaluate the performance reports that matter most.

New Job Approval Methods!

Get your mobile workers to follow social distancing practices by using our latest features when getting jobs approved by your customers.

Locksmith DIspatch Software FAQs

1How will Locksmith Software benefit me as a Business Owner?
Our Locksmith Dispatch Software contains everything you need to streamline your business, including quotes, task allocation, tracking, and invoicing. Our system is designed for the service industry and is available from any mobile device, via our Mobile App.
2Does Locksmith Software improve efficiency?
Eworks Manager's Job Card Management Software was designed to enhance the effectiveness of your entire business, for you and your whole team. Our software includes the Admin System, which is ordinarily used by admin staff, and the Mobile App, which was produced for field workers. The app gives field operators access to log tasks, create quotes, and more. With all your information captured within one system, your workers can spend more time concentrating on their task.
3How will Locksmith Software benefit my workers?
Your locksmiths can spend more time doing their jobs rather than completing paperwork. Our Mobile App takes the admin work out of the field and automates time tracking while the office gets updated on the status of appointments in real-time.

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