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Eworks Manager allows you to manage your whole business, using software that you can access anytime, anywhere! With specialist SMEs in mind, Eworks Manager has built-in systems, which provide the technology foundations that can grow your business.

A successfully organised business needs features such as CRM, scheduling, invoicing, and an accounts package. As well as this, it also requires an integrated Job Card Management System and a task organiser. Organising independent systems can involve countless hours of adding the same data into each system. Fortunately, Eworks Manager integrates completely into each system - saving you time, money and hard work.

With our BI Reporting Software, computer data and software are held securely online. Your data can be accessed by password anywhere, 24/7, through a web browser, tablet or smartphone. We ensure backups of your database several times a day and safeguard the system with firewalls, encryption and security protocols on par with financial institution security.

The reports available in Eworks Manager include job summary, invoice summary, time on jobs summary and customer profitability reports. It also provides user timesheets, customer complaints reports, user holidays report, SMS reports, email reports, and so much more!

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Business Intelligence Software FAQs

1What is Business Intelligence Software?
Business intelligence Software (BIS) is a collection of tools and strategies that analyse and convert data into actionable and understandable information for use in business to help in decision making. Conversely, failure to adopt BI has resulted in large masses of data remaining unutilised.
2Who uses BI Reporting Software?
Businesses typically use modern BI tools when users need insight into quickly changing aspects of a business, such as jobs being completed in the field by a large number of users.

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