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Top 10 Must-Have Job Card Management Software Features

When deciding on Job Card Management Software to implement into your business, the first thing you need to know is the features the software has to offer to improve your business.  Apart from the service you may receive from a provider, the features are the next to analyse. The features will determine whether you are really getting what you pay for. Below is a list of the top 10 features to look out for when deciding on software for your business.

1. Quote Your Customers with Ease

Whether your admin staff know what to quote your customer or if a field operative needs to do a site inspection before quoting. Your online quoting system should accommodate both instances. It is also important to know if a quote is converted to a job once the customer accepts the quote. A quoting feature should offer a smooth flow from the creation of a quote to the completion of a job. Thus, linking relevant information in your system and being able to search with ease.

2. Manage Your Jobs Efficiently with Job Card Management

One of the essential features of any Job Card Management software is job management itself. This feature will make sure jobs are scheduled and assigned the most efficient way possible and that field operatives are not double booked. Your admin staff will know exactly where your field operatives are at any given time. Using a paperless Job Card Management System will also ensure jobs are not lost or misplaced.

3. Invoice Immediately Once a Job Is Complete

When your invoicing is integrated within your Job Card Management system your invoices will include all job costing and ensure that an item is not left out. This means your customer will never receive an incomplete invoice. Using an invoice management software that can integrate into software packages with the likes of Sage, Quickbooks and Xero will allow for a smooth transition when implementing an all in one system.

4. Store All Product Details

It is crucial that when your admin is costing or invoicing a job that your product details are correct with the correct cost, codes, mark-ups and descriptions. Being able to add your products to your Job Card Management system will ensure each products’ information is correct. By being able to import all products to your system and update them when there is a pricing change will make sure you aren’t using multiple systems to do so and that you aren’t under or overpricing your customer.

5. Manage Customer Information with Job Card Management Software

Job Card Management software should come inclusive with a CRM System for you to capture and manage all your customers billing, site and any additional details you might need to capture around your customer. It is also important that every member of staff whether in the office or out in the field has access to customer details. This elevates the time or the run around to get phone numbers and address details. It helps having your customers in one system so that if details change, all staff can view the changes made.

6. Monitor Your Stock with Inventory Management

If you are a business that is doing work out in the field, you probably have a stock holding at your warehouse where your field workers go to replenish stock daily or for jobs they need to complete. In order to properly manage and monitor your stock and quantities, it will help to have an inventory management system to do so whilst keeping a full track history of the movement of your stock. That way you know what you need to order in, what’s been used and where your stock is.

7. Track Asset History with Asset Management

Working in the technical service industry means installing and maintaining assets. A feature that should be included in your Job Card Management system is asset management software. This feature will give you the ability to manage your or your customer’s assets. This means capturing new assets, creating jobs around them, updating their details from site and keeping a full history of work done around them.

8. Plan Your Projects with a Project Planning with Job Card Management Software

To manage jobs that might take a longer period of time, you will need an effective way to keep track of all jobs within a project. This is where project planning software will come in handy. Schedule multiple jobs on multiple sites, know the true project costs and know exactly where your profit is sitting. All costs are considered within the project as they are captured.

9. Effectively Manage Your Tasks with Job Management

Keeping track of your day to day activities should be simple with a Job Card Management software.  Task management software will allow staff to set reminders or tasks for themselves or other members of staff. These can be general tasks or specific to leads, quotes, jobs or other sections of the system. Once a task is complete there should be the option to indicate that it’s done. That way you aren’t using multiple systems to execute and track work-related tasks.

10. Pull Reports Easily

Every business knows the value of pulling reports at the end of the week or month. This way, you know what to improve on. A mastered Job Card Software should be able to generate reports on all activities that occur on the system, as and when you need them. Why wait until month end when you can know exactly what has happened in the last few hours. Reports should be user and customer specific, offer date ranges and give you information without using a calculator.

In Conclusion

The features mentioned above should be available to you on a complete all in one Job Card Management software. These features not only add value to your workforce but make sure you are a competitor in your field. Features that are available on the admin side, as well as the mobile App, will let your field workers contribute to business productivity. Any changes made will be shown on all platforms, giving you full flexibility. This means you as the business owner, manager or administrator have full control of your business.

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