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Job Card Management Software that aids in managing and maintaining your glazing and window installations. For a 14-Day Free Trial, click here!

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Double Glazing Software - Job Card Management Software for the Glazing and Window Installation industry

How can Job Card Management Software help your Glazing Company?

The installation of glass and windows for your customers is an essential function of any glazing company. Also, fixing broken windows or replacing the entire structure plays an important role. Besides organising your appointments, making sure you have the right supplies for a task is also vital.

You can use Eworks Manager's Inventory Management System to add products to the system such as window panes, adhesives and other supplies used. You can also include all sorts of details such as prices, tax rates and the locations of each item. You can then use them throughout the system when creating quotes, tasks and invoices.

Managing Tasks, Track Technicians & Maintain Inventory Levels!

Keep track of where your field technicians are and what they are using on-site.

Quote clients and convert quotes to tasks with ease

Create, print and email quotes straight to your clients.

You can convert quotes into tasks instantly, without losing any information captured within the quote.

Create quotes on-site using our Mobile App, and in doing so, speed up the whole process.

Smart Planning allows you to assign work economically within seconds

Our Smart Planning feature allows you to designate specific tasks to workers with distinct skill sets. The system shows the worker that can attend to the appointment the soonest, or the worker closest to the task at the time, ensuring the most economical appointment is set. This minimises fuel costs and ensures that the appointments are completed within good time.

Allocate tasks and track expenses on projects

Create tasks for multiple team members working on a single project. You can keep track of the progress of your projects along with its inventory, assets, profits and other related expenses. Tasks can quickly gain costs, which is why our Expenses Management System is excellent for capturing and tracking all your expenses as they occur.

Expenses can be created as billable or non-billable, which allows you to keep a complete log of every cost for every task.

Track your team using Live Mobile Tracking or Vehicle Tracking

Eworks Manager offers various tracking features which give you the ability to see the live location of field staff and get automatic updates of their appointments.

Vehicle Tracking offers Fleet Management advantages, giving you important information regarding your drivers' driving behaviour, distance travelled, their routes taken, and more.

Our Live Tracking feature tracks your workers' using their GPS enabled mobile devices. You can see which sites your staff are at and how long they spend at each site. You can also quickly distinguish who the closest worker is to any reactive tasks that come in.

Manage invoices on projects

Once tasks are allocated to a Project and completed, you can invoice the whole project or invoice each task individually. Using our Project Planning Software, you can view all the tasks for a project, track the progress of each task and send out invoices using the project card.

Use reports to make critical business decisions

The decision-making process can be drastically improved by making use of our management reporting. A growing business needs to understand its strengths and weaknesses that lie within the company. You can accomplish this by analysing operational and financial data and reports.

Fortunately, Eworks Manager produces comprehensive reports on almost all our features, so it's easy to evaluate the performance reports that concern your business the most.

Glazing Software FAQs

1How will Job Card Management Software help me with Customer Service?
Using our built-in CRM Software(Customer Relationship Management), you can track and manage all your customer interactions. This is particularly useful for your team and can boost productivity and team collaboration. This leads to increased revenue and profitability as appointments can be completed in a much more efficient way. Any issues that arise can be logged in the system and taken care of.
2How will Job Card Management Software help me with planning?
Our wide range of planners makes planning your appointments easy. You can either choose a planner that works best for you or use a mixture of planners depending on the scenario. Our Time Planner within our Double Glazing Software enables you to see your staff's diaries and allocate tasks to the available team. Our Geo Planner gives you access to our live map to see the nearest field worker to any emergency jobs.
3How can Job Card Management Software keep my customers notified?
With our customisable alerts, you can set announcements to be set dependant on actions taken by your team. Notifications can be sent to customers for appointment creation, workers on-route or on completion of the task. All triggers are completely customisable to suit your business and client needs.
4Can Job Card Management Software help me get my paperwork in order?
Because our Job Card Management Software is an all-in-one system, including mobile documents, all the processes of your business are recorded in our cloud-based digital platform. This means all your paperwork is digitised and provides access to a full business history across all operations.

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