Field Service Management Software – The Key to Productivity

Field Service Management Software is making a rise in the market and helping companies across the world manage their company more efficiently, saving them time and money by enabling them to manage their mobile and office staff across the board, all within one system.

The current economic climate in South Africa has left many businesses – big and small – in a state of volatility. These types of climates force businesses to go to war in the work field in order to surpass their competitors by offering a far more superior, higher-quality and more improved product not only to increase customer satisfaction but also retain their current client base. The one thing business owners fail to recognise is the need for a superior, higher-quality and more improved system or process to manage the very gears that power these products and services of a company.

They say that what works well internally will deliver the best results externally, and in this case having a Field Service Management Software to assist you, your employees and your business as a whole to deliver and maintain exceptional customer service, a faster turn-around time and boast a company that runs just as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

Internal setbacks faced by many technical field service industry companies:

  • Forgetful Employees
  • Delayed Admin / Missing Paperwork
  • Non-Existent Customer Service
  • Mismanagement of Expenses
  • Daily workers that go unaccounted for
  • After hours data capturing

And yes, the list does go on…

How Eworks can change this for you:

Leads, quoting and invoicing – we have got you on this – but what about those nitty gritty, day – to – day frustrations that often halt operations which in essence, takes money out of your pocket?

Eworks Managers’ Field Service Management Software can very quickly solve all the setbacks mentioned above;

Our Questionnaire feature allows you to create / set up custom questions for your operatives out in the field to answer at certain stages of a job, this ensures not only due diligence but could be set up as a reminder for your operatives to complete the job at hand more accurately.

Delayed admin hinders a faster turnaround time, the Triggers feature in our Field Service Management Software will alert you on various events on the system to make sure that job has been invoiced, that purchase order has been approved or when a customer creates a quote from the Customer Login Portal.

The Eworks Expenses feature lets you keep a track of all company expenses, whether these expenses are to be costed onto a job or are a general daily expense. This ensures every cost is accounted for.

Our Team Members feature will allow you to track and manage your general assistants or part-time workers that won’t be counted as a billed user on the system but will still give you the ability to track their jobs as well as their hourly costs allocated to that job.

Eworks will alleviate those hours spent capturing data, especially after that 5pm mark. With our Digital Documents, we can digitise any document at a small fee per month to use any many times as you need to, be it an on-site report, a customer survey or an equipment checklist. No more scanning, photo copying and attaching – they are already there.

Make your business dynamic with a great Field Service Management Software to be able to encounter any climate it is faced.

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