What is Job Card Management Software? Everything you need to know

Whether you're already using software for job management or you're looking for a system for your business, our guide will teach you everything you need to know about the cloud-based solution, including:


What is Job Card Management Software and how does it work?

Job Card Management Software is a cloud-based job management system for businesses that support technicians that work in the field.

The software provides a way for service managers and employees to stay connected and share updates, documents and customer information safely and securely during the workday.

Most software providers offer a subscription service, giving you access to the software, customer support and training in exchange for a monthly fee. You can access the software online via your computer or mobile device, which means that you and your team can access the system in the office or on-site.


What are the key features?

We've highlighted the top features of Job Card Management Software to give you a better understanding of what the software can do and how you can use it to streamline and automate manual tasks.


Job Card Management

Instead of using a paper system to keep track of your team's progress, collect customer information, and manage your jobs, you can use a cloud-based system that everyone in your business can access anywhere at any time. A central platform ensures that all company data and documents, including job cards, are stored in one place, keeping all your information safe and secure.


Lead Management

Effective lead management is crucial for converting prospects into clients to grow your revenue and customer base. With Job Card Management Software, you can import your leads and assign them to your team to ensure they follow up and respond to every potential customer. Your employees can capture all client communication on the system and convert leads into quotes and customers.


Quoting and Invoicing

It can be challenging to support your team in the field and stay on top of your admin work. Fortunately, you can streamline quoting and invoicing to save time and reduce your workload with software. You can create templates to generate quotes and invoices quickly, automate email reminders for quotes waiting to be accepted or overdue invoices, convert quotes into jobs, and create recurring invoices.


Asset Maintenance

You can create recurring jobs to save you the time and hassle of manually assigning tasks every time asset maintenance needs to be done. Automating maintenance tasks ensures that your assets are always well-maintained and that your workers never miss a job. The software tracks all maintenance activities, helping you keep an accurate record of maintenance work.


Inventory Management

With Job Card Management Software, you can improve inventory management by monitoring the movement of your stock, managing purchase orders, and creating picking lists on the cloud-based system. Improved inventory management can help you optimise your warehouse space and inventory levels to prevent overstocking or understocking.


Route Planning

With the software's Route Planning feature, you can maximise your team's time by choosing the most efficient routes to reduce travel time. Instead of spending significant time travelling to job sites, your technicians can spend more time on-site helping your customers.


Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking

When your technicians are in the field, you can confirm they're safe and on track to reach job sites on time with the software. With Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking, you can view each employee's real-time location by tracking their vehicle or mobile device.


What are the benefits?

Before determining whether Job Card Management Software is the best solution for your business, you need to understand the benefits of the software and how the system can help you overcome your challenges.


Access data anywhere, any time

The software's cloud technology allows you and your team to access your company's project and customer information online at any place or time. You can access your documents and information via an admin system or a mobile app and upload data to the system remotely. While the data is stored online, you can rest assured that it's stored on a secure platform.


Get real-time updates in the field

Job Card Management Software makes it easier for your team to share updates on-site and for you to see what they're doing in real-time. You can see what jobs your technicians are working on, if they're on-site or on their way to a job site, and if they've put a task they're attending to on hold.


Maximise your time

With Job Card Management Software, you can maximise everyone's time by automating manual tasks like quoting, invoicing, job scheduling and route planning. Reducing manual tasks gives everyone more time to focus on meaningful work, boosting morale and productivity.


Improve productivity

Streamlining your processes with the software will increase efficiency, helping your team work faster and more productively. With Job Card Management Software, you can improve productivity in several ways, including improving equipment efficiency with asset maintenance, streamlining data capturing, optimising route planning, and reducing paperwork.

Who can use Job Card Management Software?

Some of the most common types of field service professionals that use Job Card Management Software include plumbers, electricians, facility managers, construction managers, HVAC technicians, locksmiths, property managers, and pest control business owners. These are just some fields that can use the software.


Choosing the best Job Card Management Software for your business: A step-by-step guide

If you're looking for Job Card Management Software for your business but need help figuring out where to start, use our step-by-step guide to help you choose the best system for your team.


Step 1: Identify everything you need the software to do

The first step is to identify why you need the software and what you need the software to do. If you know what you're looking for, you'll be able to find the best system for your business. Create a list of software requirements and use this list to guide your search for suitable software products.


Step 2: Search for software providers

With a list of requirements, you can start searching for software providers. There are many products on the market, but not all of them will work for your business. Be sure to thoroughly review every product's features and ask questions to get a good idea of what the software provider offers. Look at online reviews to see what other businesses have said about the software, and use software comparison sites to compare features and pricing.


Step 3: Narrow down your options

Narrow down your options by making a list of the pros and cons of each product and comparing them. When creating your list, ensure you include any costs for training, customer support and plugins, and whether or not they offer a free trial, as these factors may influence your decision.


Step 4: Sign up for trials

Trialling software is a crucial step in your decision-making process. First-hand experience with the software will help you determine if the system has the features you need and if your team is comfortable using the software. A software subscription is a financial commitment, and implementation requires a lot of time, so you must be sure of your decision.


Step 5: Make your decision and implement the software

The final step is to make your decision and implement the software. Your decision should be based on your requirements, pros and cons list, and experience trialling the various systems. Once you've signed up for the software, create a training programme to allow your workers to learn the software before you start using it.

How to successfully implement Job Card Management Software

To get the best return on your investment, you must have an implementation plan in place. Successful implementation will ensure that the software is used effectively and efficiently to increase productivity and reduce costs. We've shared our top tips for successful Job Card Management Software implementation.


Appoint a team leader

Appoint someone in your management team to take responsibility for the implementation. This supervisor will be the go-to person if anyone in your team needs help or has a question, as well as the primary contact person for the software provider. Appointing a team leader will ensure that software is implemented on time and gives you, as the field service manager or business owner, time to continue running the business.


Create a training programme

With a training programme, you can give your technicians time to learn the new system during the workday. An effective schedule will ensure that everyone has enough time to get to know the software and share questions before going live with the system.


Set clear goals

For implementation to be successful, you must know what you want to achieve by using Job Card Management Software. Do you want to increase productivity? Is your goal to improve asset management? Are you aiming to increase process efficiency? Use your goals to monitor the success of implementation and identify areas that need improvement so you can schedule training and support your team.


Ask your technicians for feedback

Ask your technicians for feedback so you can resolve any issues they may have before you go live with the software. One of the most significant benefits of Job Card Management Software is that it can help your employees work more efficiently, but if the system isn't being used correctly, it could slow your team down. Therefore, your technicians' feedback is crucial if you want the implementation to be successful.


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