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The Perfect System for Job Management

Let Eworks Manager help you take control of your business. Our system can help you schedule, appoint and manage all your jobs – all from one place. It is hence the perfect system for job management.

Why Eworks Manager can work for you:

  • Generate jobs and job sheets from the Admin System or the Mobile App.
  • Assign jobs to a project at your own pace
  • Effectively supervise many jobs
  • View your staff’s progression with our Job Management Tracker
  • Monitor your staff on a map with our built-in vehicle tracking feature
  • Create appointments for your staff by viewing their diaries
  • Track every job with our Real-Time Alerts
  • Maintain a good connection with clients by using our SMS feature. This instantly alerts your customer when an operative is on his way.
  • Once completed out in the field, you can easily send jobs to invoice.
  • With our Mobile Device Software, your staff can organize their jobs without having to come into the office
  • Attach documents (such as job details and photos) to your jobs
  • With our notes and logging feature you can revisit the history of any given job
  • With our signature capture on the App, customers can approve jobs there and then
  • Email / Print job sheets directly to your client for their own records
  • Management reports are available to help you to view the productivity and profitability of a staff member and so much more

Monitor all your jobs and appointments

Get Real-Time Alerts for your staff’s location and subcontractors

Allocate jobs based on availability with the job planner

Know which staff members or contractors lead to profitability

With our cloud-based system you can easily take control of your own business. Throw away the paper tails, miscommunication and disorder and invest in the latest technology and cutting-edge job management software with Eworks Manager: The Perfect System for Job Management

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